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Comments about past healings
Hello Sia ,  wow I have been through a lot with everything. The upside has been the healing ceremonies that you have conducted have allowed me to go through all this with some grace and a calmness that is still mind-boggling to me.You said that the andara's have changed your lives. Well, being a participant in your  online community ceremonies have changed mine.

My husband (Andy) and I have noticed feeling more energetic thanks to your healing sessions. He also reported vivid dreams of an odd nature... i.e. singing along with a famous 50’s jazz musician! He said it was like traveling back in time :) 
I have also felt as though my sleep has been better quality sleep with less interruption. My sensitivity to surroundings, people, animals and situations in general has also felt heightened. Little things have moved me deeply over the past two days, but there is still a lightness of heart and less concern about the concerns that are affecting most of us during these epic times. 
I am grateful to each of you, as is my husband, for the Love shown and your willingness to make a difference. The grid you created for the healings is beautiful— just looking at it brings such a sense of peace and joy!
May the blessings you bring to others be returned to you tenfold.💜