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Free Remote Healings

We do planetary healing meditation every Sunday in our home using the Healing Flames and sending out its positive energies to the world.
This year we are going to try* to offer a free remote healing session the first Sunday of every month extending and focusing the healing to those who join. Details about the free healing offers will be sent to those who are subscribed to our newsletter.

* We say try as the world and personal circumstances are ever changing and we check in monthly with our guidance,

Dear Friends - our T4t family,
We are asked to step up to the next level and will from now offer twice a month the free world meditation/healing to conduct more love and light to the planet and all its inhabitants which include all the kingdoms of Gaia / the earth also known as Terra Christa.  The Earth / Gaia itself is an ensouled living being even though many think she is “just” made of rocks, minerals, water and other liquids inside of her and on the surface.

The dark seems to pick up at this time so the need to counter effect their influence arises more day by day.  We will offer the meditation/healing on the first and third Sundays of every month.  We feel that we are ready to do this lovelight work together and have still enough time to integrate what is being achieved.

Be once again reminded that you all who join are a crucial part and every one in their own way and with their own talents enhances in our joined efforts the needed energies to be of help.  Your offered energies give all a chance to go deeper/higher and help the beings on the planet accept, if they so wish, the new levels.  

I also like to mention that we always are joined by “guests of the higher dimensions”.  Every time we invoke that only beings who do not carry conscious or unconscious desires to interfere in any negative way are allowed to enter our etheric spherical temple.  We have three levels available.  The first level is for those beings joining not from the mailing list.  The second level is for the mailing list and their signed in friends, relatives, etc. which can only enter as long as no bad intentions are carried within of any kind.   The third level is for the three of us (V, Sia & Miriam) who have taken on the “guiding role”.

While those levels close to the outer inner part of the spherical temple are established, there is plenty of free room in the center in which we invoke and ignite the Violet Flame.  The Violet Flame burns throughout the entire meditation/healing taking care of any outer and inner lower frequencies being absorbed by transmuting them into the purest White Light of the mother/father Godhead.  Sai Baba is always invoked to help spread the lovelight energies around and through the inner planet to give every being aligned to receive them if they so wish.  This includes the so-called negative beings around the planet given a chance to turn towards the light which some have already begun to take positive advantage of.

I hope and wish you keep joining us in our combined efforts to change the world as fast as possible into the planet of light it use to be and was a long time referred to as “the Garden of Eden”.

We gratefully thank every one for joining and hope that you are happy with  the personal changes and releases these meditations/healings offer.

In the highest love and light, your Tools team in service of all joined, all humanity and the other kingdoms of Gaia.
We all are the same in spirit and eyes of God - simply playing the role assigned from the higher to each of us individually.

  ... may the love and the light ...
 .. always be your special guide...

Till soon the T4t team... love to all

 ... ✨♥️🕯️🪧😄✨...
Love light peace and happiness ❣️
 Let the magic continue 🐛🪄🦋 and turn us into what we are meant to be❣️❣️

More info on how the healing will work...
The healing session will be about one hour. It will all be done with the highest intent and in harmony with all participants. It doesn't matter where you are - what country you are in - or what you are doing. You can go through your "normal" routine - sleep, work, play, etc and fully receive the benefits.
 Our healing sessions work with the Healing Flames as we are guided. The Healing Flames are the most powerful healing frequencies available in the 5th Dimension and beyond. The flames transmute energies which are no longer serving or hindering the realization of our true, authentic selves and being.
The different healing flames target a certain aspect of our being for a more focused intent on our evolution.  The Healing Flames that we primarily work with are the Violet Flame, Green Violet flame, Blue Violet Flame, Pink Violet Flame, Three fold Flame and the Flame of Christ Consciousness.
Scroll down for a more detailed explanation of the healing meditation itself.
Comments about past healing sessions
Thanks! I felt a breakthrough in our healing from Covid yesterday. We were at day 22 of fighting it. Something was removed. The energies in our house and around us changed to lighter. We felt stronger afterwards, are feeling even stronger today.
So thankful, EmojiEmojiEmoji
Thank you for your loving gift.  We are so grateful for all you do for the planet! Many blessings to all of you at Tools4Transformation. 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤

Dear Sia - Thank you from our hearts for your loving healing sessions.  We always feel the energies heal and  enrich our lives on the day of the healing and going forward.   Such a generous gift to all.   Blessings to  everyone who participated in the healing.   With love and gratitude


 Thank you very much for the Violet Flame session.

 I felt the energy strong already two days before Sunday. In the morning on Friday I got much strong physical healing and the same happened on Saturday morning.  On Saturday evening the energy had increased even more.

 On Sunday (yesterday) in the afternoon the energy was so high that I have never felt anything like this before. It lasted one hour. I have had beautiful high healings before, but never so high as this one felt. I am very thankful for being a participant during this session.

 I already look forward to the next session.

 Much Love and Light to you Sia, V and Miriam


Hello Sia ,  wow I have been through a lot with everything. The upside has been the healing ceremonies that you have conducted have allowed me to go through all this with some grace and a calmness that is still mind-boggling to me.You said that the andara's have changed your lives. Well, being a participant in your  online community ceremonies have changed mine.


My husband (Andy) and I have noticed feeling more energetic thanks to your healing sessions. He also reported vivid dreams of an odd nature... i.e. singing along with a famous 50’s jazz musician! He said it was like traveling back in time :) 
I have also felt as though my sleep has been better quality sleep with less interruption. My sensitivity to surroundings, people, animals and situations in general has also felt heightened. Little things have moved me deeply over the past two days, but there is still a lightness of heart and less concern about the concerns that are affecting most of us during these epic times. 
I am grateful to each of you, as is my husband, for the Love shown and your willingness to make a difference. The grid you created for the healings is beautiful— just looking at it brings such a sense of peace and joy!
May the blessings you bring to others be returned to you tenfold.💜

A little a review of how this healing will work.
The first thing I would like to explain is the timing.  The session and the session space are set in "no time".  Time is a concept that is applied to our planet and is seen as linear.  With energy and working with the higher self, higher realms, etheric fields and bodies, etc. time does not necessarily exist.  This is why it doesn't really matter that the group is spread across the planet within many different times zones.  The healing itself is being administered in the "no time" zone and will be conveyed to the individual participant when it best suits.  Often people ask when will the session be done so they can tune in during it but the same applies.  You can tune in at any time of your choosing and you will sense and feel the session.

 V, Miriam & I will be doing a specialized session together as a team, on each of you and as a group whole. The healing isn't limited to the session time - it is ongoing based on the individual - from one day to weeks.  The healing space is one of non-judgment and safety whose focus is on personal transformation and self realization.  Whatever each individual needs for their healing will be provided for in the space and since we all share the space we create a commonality - an anchoring of the Oneness.
At the beginning of the session we will call you in via your energetic field/higher self.  I then confirm I "see" that you are present and we will begin the session after we have connected with each participant. 
We approach the session as if you are here with us in our healing room.  We have the tools we need all ready and purified for the greatest potency. We also set a field in our space for the group healing - an optimal safe space to experience whatever needs to be experience for the healing and also to invite all our guardians, guides, angels and other higher energies into the healing space. It is a combination of using both physical tools and actual motion with movements along with energetic work.  For instance, we use a physical set of the selected gems but energetically set them on each one of the participants' chakras.  It may sound a bit far out there - but it works.
It should also be noted that all the “work” that is done is for your highest good.  You are always in a field of protection and nothing that isn’t for your highest good will occur.  We are working directly with your higher self via your energy body and all is done with your higher self consent.  Even though it is a group healing we work with you individually too - taking into account all the personal needs and honoring that none of us are the same nor require the same approach or healing.