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The Guardian of Hessonite explains...

Hessonite's main focus is on the lower torso. This gem's energies have a natural resonance for that area. There is a kind of understanding that if this area (lower torso) is functioning well, one's entire being will be uplifted. So Hessonite takes its approach at the core of one's being to eventually have its effects felt throughout.     

Hessonite is a great tool for any digestion discomforts. It balances this system. When one is seeking relief from indigestion, acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation, etc., this is the gem. It can also be used in any discomforts related to the feminine sexual organs such as bloating, cramps, etc.     

Many of the creativity blocks originate simply because of a blocked belly area. Once Hessonite's energies have been able to work, one's creativity expands.  
In women, in particular, the womb is cleared to birth a new endeavor and new inspiration is brewing.     

Hessonite enables one to connect to the present moment and stay there. Too often one is worrying about the future or dreaming of the past.  Not only is this not reality but it creates stress within one's systems. If one focuses simply on the present moment a natural sense of positivity envelopes one and happiness can be experienced. Hessonite turns life into a living, joyous meditation. 

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