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Collection: Topaz - Blue Therapeutic Necklaces


All natural - no treatments of any kind

The Guardian of Blue Topaz explains...
Blue Topaz focuses its energies on the head and throat.  This gem uses its energies to uplift and clear any disturbances within these areas.  Through this upliftment one regains a clear mind and a natural state of being.
     Blue Topaz brings a new look or fresh perspective on/to life.  The energies of this gem introduce one to an expanded field of vision. It eases the day to day tensions/stress related to living on planet Earth.
     Blue Topaz also allows for a new openness to occur within oneself towards higher levels (frequencies or aspects). It creates a safe field in which to experience these levels.  This gem offers the wearer (or user) a route to ease the mind. This in turn leads to a centeredness and ease of being. Blue Topaz reminds one that there is always a choice of perspectives and can lead to a peaceful existence.
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  • Topaz - Blue EO++ & Beyond oval 20inch
    Topaz - Blue EO++ & Beyond oval 20inch
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