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Andara Crystal Shared Experiences

We invite you to share your experience
with Authentic Monatomic Andara Crystals
Just like with gemstones, the healing effects were not recognized or accepted for many many years.  So, too, has been our experience with the Andara Crystals.  Some of this is due to the fact that not all Andaras are authentic - yet are being sold as such.  We created this page as a way to share your experience and perhaps to help others. They are a potent tools for profound healing, awakening and assistance in realizing our full potential within all levels and aspects of being.

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I can’t even begin to tell you how profound some of the healings that are happening when I use the Andaras with my regular treatments.   Truly.  Thank you for always for making these available to everyone.  J

I am using one of the ‘Elders’ in my office with almost all acupuncture, NAET and Pelotherapy / mudpacking sessions.   Specifically, when I do the mudpacking therapies on old scars, surgeries and trauma sites, the mud only has to sit on the body for half the time to complete the healing cycle.  It’s so wonderful!!! J

Thank  you for creating these amazing Andara healing tools!  I’ve been using the 12 Andara therapy ring on patients when I do NAET and especially for emotional clearing treatments.  I place the ring right over the heart chakra, and then I also choose another placement stone to place on Yin Tang (usually Labradorite, Indigo or Lapis) while they are ‘processing’ the neuro-immune / emotional-immune treatment for 20 minutes with acupuncture.  Patients are reporting lots of ‘deep healing’ at the mental, emotional and spiritual level…..as well as physical.  I am looking forward to trying out these new tools too!

 Thank you again for the valuable and wonderful work you do.



 The andaras arrived this morning and are beyond amazing!

Have them in the sun on the window sill and they’re energy is so high!
Thank you !✨✨✨🤍


Hi Paula and Tools4Transformation!

I received the Andaras (6 different ones, a trio plus 3 others) yesterday just as I was headed away from home to pick up my renewed driver's license. As I held the package I had full body chills and was already feeling moved. As I unpacked the andaras I knew exactly every time which one I was uncovering from paper even though there was no way of telling by sight. 2 of them made me start crying immediately because I felt so much love for and with them. I took them with me and they have been very helpful in transmuting and purging and filling my body with light and forgiveness and atonement. One purifies all motherhood-child issues all directions. I just want you to know that I love the Andaras and I feel their power.
Much love



Hi Tools4transformation,

 I’d been curious about Andara crystals, so ... I tried a couple of discs.

 I’ve played with monoatomic (as it was styled then and there) stuff before, in the form of the metal powders, but for various reasons I thought it best to quit.

 These crystals, though…your advice to put one in each hand? You can even position them differently in your hand and fingers, different effects for each position, because the energy flows in different patterns. (I am also an energy healer). I was also inspired to put one of the crystals in my mouth, and again, amazing releasing and enlivening effects.

 Looking forward to future adventures and healing work with them.  Just wanted to say, I really appreciate your work.




There are no adequate words to describe what it feels like to fall in love with these magical crystals.
Andaras are pure light, true magic, healing, beauty and much more. Each single piece has its own energy. 
I would also like to say that they are very important at this time for Mother Gaia's ascension as they allow us to reconnect to the original source and remember the timing of our incarnations in Lemuria / Atlantis. 
They work in harmony with my two Cintamani stones. 
The best you can ask for.

I appreciate how amazing my pieces are. 
Thanks very much for your care, and for all your work to make Andaras affordable to each and all.

    I have purchased a few Andaras from you in the past and can attest to their Authenticity from my work with them.  Very high vibrational messages are able to come through with added intensity as a result of your Andara tools.  They are also quite potent for during sleep to have close to ones bed side or even smaller pieces in one pillow case.  Upon awakening I have immediate clarity for my daily activities.  Really cool!  

We love our Andara family. I must say while we do a lot of energy work and have a lot of crystals here in Mount Shasta, The Andara Crystals consciousness have really added wonderful joy to lives and Great Power to our work, thank you.
Here is a picture of our indoor altar with self-healing crystal in the center which is amazing working with the Andras has helped me overcome many health problems. 😀

Thank you so much for sharing the healings, truly appreciate your work. Wanted to share our Andara garden/ altar with you, it brings us so much joy and is the center of our outdoor ceremonies here in Mount Shasta, many blessings.

here's a couple pictures of ceremonial necklaces

Every time I think I have my Andara family I find another piece that calls to me. :)  Each piece I currently have seems to call for my attention during specific times of the day.  Like a playful puppy they thrive on the sincere attention I give each.  The energy pumps up the volume with intensity. 
    Came across your Andara essence collection.  What a truly great site you folks have created.   I appreciate being guided so much to your site.  Thank you for all you do
I got my egg today and it was huge not the same measurements as on the site.  Pleasantly surprised.  Just love the color.  The pair of cobalt blue balls I received a couple of days ago are also very beautiful. Thank you so much.  I have a lovely window where they are displayed I do believe they are all very happy and get along very well. :)
Thank you also for the lovely packaging and attention to detail with your thank you cards.  They make it more personal and family like.  We all need that right about now.  I am sure these blessed stones will help me along my journey in a new and expanded vibrational way.  I also think your site, displays and pictures are all well done.  :) Great job!  I will be back. 

This is where my new additions to my family are.  They definitely give off strong impulses of communication.  Almost like they were waiting to reconnect with me.   Very comfortable yet carries a deep informational and reflective wisdom being understood by myself and simply following inspired action steps as a result of.   Interesting!  So here is where they now reside.  Thank you again for offering this wonderful gift to the world.  I will honor them always.  Best regards

Thank you so much.  The package arrived today, and the crystals are so amazing and powerful.   So appreciate your efforts to bring these beautiful crystals to us.  Many thanks again

I have a good collection of Andaras from tools for transformation. I have bought pendants, healing tools, eggs, Crystal Balls, a pyramid. They are all amazing and beautiful.
When I first picked up my Dusty Rose Andara Egg the word love flashed into my head. I had a warm feeling in my chest, it was a beautiful feeling. And after that for a while ,  every time I picked up this piece it happened.
I have a figure of 8 Green Violet Flame healing tool. When I heal my husband he demands I use this healing tool. He can feel the energy radiating from this healing tool and impressed at how good these healings are.
These are real Andaras very powerful and beautiful. I know there is a lot of rubbish out there about Andaras, forget all you’ve heard. Andaras are real and these are definitely real Andaras. I have bought from other sites in my country just rough pieces these Andaras are far superior. With rough pieces you have to worry about shards of glass falling off. You never have to worry about that with these beautiful polished pieces. These Pieces are so beautiful you will be impressed. The Andara Balls are amazing on those little light stands. My favourite are the ones with bubbles it’s like hundreds of little stars so beautiful.  What I also love about this company they have Andaras to suit every budget from the small hand pieces to the large freeform pieces.
My best friend buys from this website too. We actually buy Birthday presents for each other from this site, we call it having a Andara Birthday. She adores the hand pieces.  She and her daughter can feel the energy hit them just from a photo on this site.  When she opens a box of Andaras from this company she says the energy radiating out of that box is amazing.
Don’t worry if like me you can’t feel the energy, they are still working on you and your life. You will become obsessed like I have, one piece is not enough.

 The Turquoise Andara Crystal arrived, and I would like to extend my thanks to you for sending such an intriguing Andara. I placed it next to the other Andara purchased from you last year, there was good communion. Its shape activates the imagination as it morphs from one impression to another. The way it conducts light with an inner glowing, the way it reflects objects and colors, and changes them, can be startling! Segueing to the base is perfect.

 So thank you,

So pretty! I put them in my flowers.

Good Morning,
I thought you would enjoy seeing how I have used what I have purchased from you. I find it always amazing the path that Source takes us on and how He gets items to us. I was also inspired by the picture you sent when you meditated with the purple crystals. 
Have a great day, looking forward to my new order arriving.


I recently purchased 3 of your freeform stones and received them last week. Thank you for providing such lovely specimens and for the timely shipping of the andaras. I am impressed with the quality as well as the dimensions— the pieces are actually larger than I imagined based on the listed dimensions.
I have been working with andaras for myself and on behalf of my clients for the past ten years. When I lived in  CA, I was able to visit Mickey Magic regularly in the Santa Cruz hills to socialize, walk his spiral, and bask in the high frequency generated by the abundance of stones. I have collected a number of beautiful unpolished andaras and utilize the stones in my healing work, most of which is now done remotely. I create a custom andara spread for each client’s healing session… in fact one of my clients referred me to your site. Your stones are blending nicely with my existing andara family and are actively in service.
Today I ordered two more freeform andaras, in part to round out the range of frequencies contained in my collection. This allows me to match the color requests of clients during their healing sessions. 
Thank you

 I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Andara crystals.  Both of them are amazing.  I have a special bonding with he mint colored one.  It flows so beautifully.  Thank you.

The andaras and their effects is almost too incomprehensible to explain; yet so palpable in it’s magic that you can touch and feel it 🔥😍🤩🥰🤪🔥 I have an overwhelming almost uncontrollable addiction to andaras and I’m so happy, glad and reassured to know I am not alone on this crazy magical mystical journey 🌀🌈⭐️🌌
So much love, gratitude and rainbow light to you all,

I and my partner love our Andaras crystal necklaces. We did our research on the Andaras and only trust T4T for these exceptional gems. 
We *probably* kept them on too long per day the first few days. I was fairly warned (in your website description)and I made sure to pass the same warning to him lol. They felt so great to wear them that much however since then, we have each been more thoughtful about the amount of time we have them on now, and days pass with just admiring mine rolled up, looking striking on my vanity. 
Now that I’m very clear on the level of help these catalysts can provide, a softer/ slower approach working with them feels easier on my system and I am excited to use them for a long time to come, always with extra vigilance. 

Dear BeAuTiFuL SouL, SiA ✨
The parcel you sent just arrived safely, wow, so quick!! And OMGoodness!!!!! The andara eggs are AMAAAAZING!! 🔥💎🔥
I am still blown away by all the kindness and the help and the time which you invested in assisting me 🌬🥰💖
Thank~you again for all your words and for these wonder~full products 💝 I didn’t realise how big these eggs were going to be!! 😍💖🥰 I LOVE them 🥰
I can’t wait to spend time with these eggs (oh my! How weird that sounds!! 😆)... It really is inexplicable how magical and mesmerising andaras are ~ How they have the capacity to draw you in and captivate you is beyond me 🤷‍♀️ I still am quite unsure how it is exactly that andaras affect you... I just know that they do and it is profound and powerful (yet subtle somehow) and also marvellous and mystical! ✨💎🌈🌌
With all that said, I thank YOU for allowing me to adopt these magical beauties and for all the positive frequencies about humans which you have shown me 🙏🕊🌸 I cannot express enough my gratitude to you 🙏
Wishing you a world of blessings and light ✨🌎✨

I have just received the andara egg from you and I LOVE it 😍💎🥰 I LOVE the pouch you sent and the colour too 😍👌💖 THANK~YOU SO MUCH 💝 The joy I felt with what you sent us what inspired me to place another order with you! ☺️


Bill put his dark green on the day we received them; two days ago and his energy levels have increased significantly but not in a jittery red bull kind of way, but a steady deep energetic state.  So nice for him.  Lots of energy for walks and things that have waited on doing during the low energy time. 
Thank YOU for these wonderful connections to the Andaran blueprint. 


  I forgot to tell you but I was flying back from CA two weeks ago and had my pendant on and went through the x ray and they stopped me because the energy signature of the pendant on the x ray was like a large golden sunburst in my heart area.  It extended out past my body and they had to stop me because it was an anomaly and didn’t believe me that it was a pendant. 

So, I had to go through again, “same thing.”  This time I had to take it off and go through. . and “nothing.”  Then I had to put it on and go through and yes the little sun was blazing.  They were astonished because they hadn’t seen that energy signature before.  Amazing!

The pendants were for Bill.  He has been amazed how much energy and lightness I have. .  . I KNOW it’s the wonderful amazing ANDARANS, so now we’re charging him up!!!
And, in our little neighborhood.  Ours is the only home with GREEN GREEN GRASS everywhere.  Again, I believe, it’s the Andaran energy.  I spend time energetically linking the Andaran eggs to our environment, and I think where ever the link is established. . .new growth and expansion happens

So wonderful you are the HUB for Andaran Energy
I would love others to feel as inspired as I have been by these!!!!!

They are wonderful accelerators of evolution!!!!!!

I received my light catcher and new pendant yesterday.  The energy is amazing.  It truly but gently goes to the heart of all my matter(s), on all levels. 
I have ordered two more.  As my father’s life becomes smaller, I am aiming for the best energy possible between us.  These will, at least, strengthen me to hold the highest of all I can hold in the process.  And who knows, maybe some of it will reach him.  I am so thankful for these wonderful tools of light.  Love, J

I injured my back really badly a few days ago.  My pelvis was pushed into my descending colon where it meets with the sigmoid colon.  Even after seeing my chiropractor it still hurt.  I still could not move my bowels!!  I must have had a blockage as a result of the injury!   It hurt really badly.  My boyfriend wanted to take me to the emergency room!  I said no way!  I was wondering which healing tool I could use instead!

I saw my new andara egg on the coffee table so I grabbed it and held it in the area of the pain.  I held it there while we watched a movie, then at bedtime I asked if he would bring me the heating pad for my abdomen. I put the healing egg in the painful spot with the heating pad holding it down in place all night!!  The next day when my aide came in, she said  its good I didn't go because the first thing they will want to do at the hospital would be to give me a colostomy bag!!    Yikes!!
I did the same procedure the next night and the third night as well.  Eventually  the blockage broke lose!    I had no pain!!  I could move my bowels!! I waited a couple days before I sent this to make sure everything is fine!

I am in awe of the crystals. I opened up the green one yesterday & a warm feeling came over me. Was very magical & am so blessed to have in my universe. Also the blue & aqua blue pyramids are truly special. You know you are in the presence very powerful influence. I am deeply grateful & appreciative of these offerings. Much Love

I can’t believe that little gem go!
So wonderful
Big energy
Happy energy
A whiz with energy blocks
Thank you!

I am so struck by the difference the colors add to the Andarans!!  The green is very holy and magical and alive!  Such a nice addition!  And the pendant is amazing!  It casts light!
My wish is everyone could experience this energy! 


I LOVE my blue pyramid! Thanks so much for offering these magical crystals!
Love S



These little energy brings are so amazing!  My level of vitality is incredible.  And I saw an energy healer yesterday who I have seen for 8 yrs 1x monthly to just keep things moving.  She said - I don’t know what you are doing differently but places you have had “held” or “blocked” for a long time are gone!

Totally In Gratitude to you and V for bringing these to all of us!

 I really like this pendant.  I could feel it’s steadying and calming energy as I went about my day today.  I also spent some time with the egg and chakra set.

  This evening I could feel a wise woman looking through my eyes.  I became aware of “space” for me and “Love” for me.  "Hmmm," I thought, "this feels very nice."

 Kudos to you and V for the great work you do.  J