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Collection: Opal - Ethiopian Therapeutic Necklaces

Ethiopian opal is believed to be an ancient gemstone. An anthropologist in
1939 ascertained some evidence of opal in caves of Kenya. Discovered in
2008 from the well district of the Ethiopia, these opals helps to light the
positive activities and emotions of the wearing individual.

Some of the benefits of Ethiopian Opal
- Ethiopian Opal, by balancing all chakras and auras, transmutes the negativity from one's surroundings as well from within.
- It  helps to increase the psychic abilities of the wearing individual in order to communicate well.
- It promotes a sense of security and dispels out the feeling of depression.
- It encourages one to stop brooding in order to better direct his thoughts.
- It is a gem of protection which provides a  shield to the wearer to keep from
absorbing other people’s negative thoughts and energies.
- It provides intervention  to change a negative situation into positive one  
transforming the depressing mood into a joyous one.
- Resonates strongly with the energies of the mother goddess

  Physical Healer
Ethiopian Opal grants the wearer extraordinary foresight, it is regarded
favorable for the health of the eyes, hair, nails and skin of the wearing
individual. It is of great assistance for purifying the blood along with the
kidneys and in regulating insulin production.

  Emotional Healer
Ethiopian Opal gives the wearer a sense of calmness which in turn serve to
encourage faith, loyalty, truth as well purity. It is particularly committed to
healing and strengthening the emotional body of the wearer. It lends a hand for the wearing individual to be honest with the true self.

  Spiritual Healer
Ethiopian Opal is a powerful gemstone for bringing spiritual Light into t
he aura. It opens up the mind to new hope and wishes, it, on the other hand, helps to awaken the psychic and mystical qualities of the carrier of the stone. By enhancing cosmic awareness, it increases the wearer's level of intuition and insight. It is a protector
-moreover a shamanic guide- who facilitates the
wearing individual in journeying deep into the self for healing.
Ideal for attracting angelic energies, to increase communications with
heaven/the higher realms.
Ethiopian Opals carry positive dragon energy,
for both personal and planetary use.

The Guardian of Ethiopian Opal explains...
 Opal has profound effects on the wearer/user and just as its appearance depicts it can be magical. It brings forth the true essence/nature of the individual and helps to cultivate lasting changes to continue to radiate the true self. The world and humanity are at a time in its evolution where truth is greatly needed - most importantly, the truth of the self. Societies have been built around dogmas, conditionings, rules which constantly restrain the individual. It is time to move forward and to honor the individual within, allowing freedom and tolerance for all, not just those that think like us.     

Opal is a powerful tool to personally honor and support the true self. It helps to cut away illusions that bind and supports the radiant being within. Each individual is highly intuitive, creative and intelligent - it is simply buried under the untruths (illusions) which have been accepted. This gem strengthens the awareness of these inherent traits/abilities allowing for them to be more readily used.   

On the physical level, Opal helps the eyes and over time can even improve eyesight. It also works on the circulatory system, increasing purification and removing toxins.    
Opal can also be a great tool for those who are at a crossroads or who are "stuck" in their life. It immediately restores the flow of true self-giving guidance, direction, and purpose. 

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