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Shared Comments / Testimonials

Shared Comments / Testimonials
(This page was started August 2020 with the latest comments on top)

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What color and clarity!  
Thank you so much for all of your input and for this stunning necklace.
I just opened it and already feel its beautiful energy.

Just received the parcel. It was very quick! The necklaces are amazing! I think I’ll buy more, just not sure what...
Thank you!

Thank you very much for this order! I have used a few of the liquids now and they are very powerful as usual. They are greatly appreciated, thank you very much! ☺

Thank you all for doing the healing; I've really been aware of some good
shifts in my energy since it was done! I also wanted to say how much I
love working with the emerald i got a while back - the energy is really
intense (in a good way) and i think it's been really helpful to my ability
to keep healthy this year. And the Larimar is gorgeous; the energy is much more
subtle but I am really enjoying the relaxing feel of it as well.
Anyway, thank you for all you do and for the high quality tools you make available
at far more affordable prices than others! I got a lot of gemisphere
stuff 20 years ago before their prices skyrocketed; I'm so glad you're here!
thanks and blessings

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon your site 🤔 But I’m so glad I did 🥰 The energy I feel when connecting with you is seriously something else ⚡️🌎💫 I thank you so much for all that you do 🙏 The magic you emanate just never ceases to amaze me 🤩💝🥰

I've purchased several necklaces from you guys over the years. I wanted to let you know that out of all the gemstones I've tried to help with feeling more grounded, the Earth tone agate is the only one that completely grounds me to where I feel complete in my body and grounded. I wanted to let you know because that is a huge deal for me and something I struggle with a lot. I meditate a lot and I have mental illness. So I just wanted to write to thank you for selling this wonderful necklace and I'm going to recommend it to others. 🤗

I’m going over your list on the website of what the crystals can provide and feel very satisfied with the purchases! Since receiving our incredibly beautiful necklaces, we have experienced many of them with great success. We have realized new actions and experienced paths opening up for some of our big dreams that have seemed stagnant for the last few years. Also, we each realized significant breakthroughs in old communication patterns with our respective families, particularly our moms 💕...

Thank you for providing these gorgeous, incredibly potent tools—very timely... #5D

Oh these sprays are heavenly!! I love them all! Thank you... the Inner Love smells amazing! It's a 5 stars all around for me. :)

Hello again!
I’m not sure what it is but I feel such a luvvlieee energy from you since my last order and the brief communication we had. If I had felt that energy before my last order, I would have made a bigger order previously!!...
A couple of things...
I want to thank you SO MUCH 🎁 For the 08:08 lions gate distant healing 🥰 Not sure if I imagined it but it was magical and intense (combined with the energies of this time) 🦁💝🌀
I have just received the andara egg from you and I LOVE it 😍💎🥰 I LOVE the pouch you sent and the colour too 😍👌💖 THANK~YOU SO MUCH 💝 The joy I felt with what you sent us what inspired me to place another order with you! ☺️
With many blessings to you and an ocean of gratitude 🙏🕊🌸

Your gemstones ~ especially the cats eye (which I purchased from you long ago) were the catalysts that propelled me on a whirlwind journey of awakening that continues to this day, except it’s become extremely accelerated with the advent of the pandemic.  Thank you for providing these gems for humanity and assisting all of us In trying to make the planet a better place.  Wish you and Virendra the best.

I place my first order a couple months ago and I really really highly recommend you and love your products. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

Today the necklace of Golden Beryll arrived. Everything was perfect: The day and the time I was at home arriving the courier. The first sight at the fine stones, still packed in the bag. As I feel it in my hands it was like „coming home“.
Thank you for this wonderful present of nature in this superb grade! I will come again.
All the best

  Thank you. I am so excited to experience the Alexanderite and want to express my gratitude for your forbearance and patience.Your dedication and commitment shines through your website,and your customer service not to mention the care you put into each "product" (? it seems much more than just a product) you offer. I am very excited to learn more about the andara crystals.  Thanks again and again.