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Collection: Beryl - Multi Therapeutic Necklaces


Beryl comes in a variety of colors and are named for their color - Emerald (green), Aquamarine (greenish blue to blue), Morganite (pink to orange),  Heliodor / Golden Beryl (yellow to greenish yellow),  Goshenite / White Beryl (colorless).

We have found that combining several shades of Beryls together (in a necklace) creates a high frequency potent healing force which is extremely harmonious and aligning to all the bodies and systems.

Each necklace contains a combination of Blue & Green Aquamarine, Golden Beryl, Pink and Salmon Morganite and White Beryl.


Highlights of our Multi Beryl Necklaces

boost immune system
stimulates organs of elimination
increases resistance to toxins & pollutants
liver stimulating
heals nervous system
improves short sighted-ness

builds self confidence
brings stability and security
increases focus
filters distractions
increases determination
stimulates motivation
enhances efficiency
relieves stress
eliminates frustration

eliminates nervousness
eases emotional outbreaks
increases positivity
enhances courage
re-awkens love of self and partner/others
calms emotional body
helps to navigate change
sheds emotional baggage

opens channels for guidance
helps in realizing potential
divine connection
heals astral body
aids healer burn out
supports "old" souls

The Guardians of Beryl explains...

Multi Colored Beryl has a wonderful overall frequency for vibrational expansion, heightening and fortifying. The blue aspect tends to relate strongly to bringing calm, youthfulness and reduction of stress. The pink brings forth the love flow and a universal approach to the love vibration. It’s pastel hues of green and yellow carries it's vibration higher into the realm of higher intelligence and restores balance and harmony within the bodies and systems.

     All of this combines in harmony, creating an overall vibration of a high frequency wash for cleansing and purification not experienced in a strand without the influence of the multi colors. This in turn makes it a great tool to accelerate progress on the personal path of life as it works on all the aspects - emotional, mental and spiritual - simultaneously. An unique vibration all of it's own - allowing for the power of all colors of beryl to be accessed in a unified form.   Great tool for healers as it provides a constant stream of “fuel” for the aspects helping to avoid a draining of personal energies.

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  • Beryl - Multi EO+ 3.5-5mm 17.5inch
    Beryl - Multi EO+ 3.5-5mm 17.5inch
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