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Collection: Lavender Therapeutic Necklaces


Some of the highlights of the benefits of this gem

enhances metabolism
improves blood circulation
initiates gentle detox - cleansing toxins
helps nervous system
boosts immunity
aids in skeletal system pain relief
recharges the bodies and systems

promotes peace, calm and ease
clears mind -initiating clarity
inspires motivation
removes negative self talk & attitudes
prevents insecurities
helps to stay true to self, ideals, etc

releases pent up emotions
increases self worth
amplifies courage and strength
helps to navigate challenging times
enhances heart based action & living
smooths out dis-harmonies in relationships of all kinds
creates more understanding of others, compassion

helps to go deeper in meditation
highlights aspects of wisdom
generates acceptance of what is
helps to stay in present moment
enhances personal power
gives support for spiritual unfoldment
opens channels and meridians to receive higher energies

The Guardian of Lavender explains...

Lavender is a remarkable balancer for one's entire being. Each person has aspects that make up the being and are commonality referred to as spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. 

At different times in life, one may function more out of one aspect rather than a combination of all. For example, when one mind races or is overwhelmed - the function is from the mental when one is run by their emotions - the function is from the emotional.      

The ideal and the way that the body/mind system was designed, is to run utilizing all aspects of balance. The chakras or energy centers within the body/mind system were set up to naturally assist in supporting this. Often times the chakras become out of balance, throwing off one's entire experience of life and can lead to disharmonies or even illness. Many ignore the signs to naturally rebalance and the situation perpetuates.     

Lavender restores the proper functioning of the chakras and aligns the chakra column. It initiates a return to the natural state of being with harmony among all aspects. This harmony places one in alignment with the pure inner being and the stronger that alignment is, the more energy one is able to take in and radiate out. 

This is a crucial state to attain for all especially now during the very transformative times on Earth. The Earth and humanity are on the verge of an evolutionary step. The easiest way to go through the massive changes is to be in alignment with the inner self. That alignment is the key to peace at all times.  One can experience life fully without being attached to anything or outcome restoring the natural flow.

Lavender provides the energy needed to forge the alignment within and maintain it.  It is a priceless tool to move through the present times with grace and ease.

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