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The Guardian of Sunstone explains...

Sunstone is your instant connection to one of the largest stars in your solar system - the Sun. This gem has captured the essence of the Sun in a medium that can be easily integrated. The Sun is a needed component for life and its essence unleashes a zest within. Its energies are a quick "pick-me-up" for not only the body but the spirit. 

The zest one experiences with Sunstone is caused by the increase conveyance of light within one's system. The light is actually stored within the "glitter" one views in this gem and when it's worn (or used) it is released. This pure light first raises one's overall vibration and as it saturates further with continued use it penetrates down to the cellular level. Humanity's current push to evolve is simply a push for all aspects to increase their light capacity while maintaining balance. The world has followed the path of heavier, lower frequencies/energies for quite a while and the shift to lighter, higher frequencies is occurring.

Sunstone accelerates the process that is naturally occurring in the world in your own individual "world" - your body/mind system. Its input of pure light simply pushes out the heavier frequencies allowing for an easier adapting to the new frequencies. Discomfort through these periods of great change is simply due to resistance. Sunstone then can relieve the discomforts since it is removing the resisting heavier frequencies within.

The overall effect of Sunstone is very uplifting. It brings forth one's inner joy and playfulness and restores energy to participate in life again. It is a great tool then for those who are depressed, lack energy or view life and living as something to be avoided, not celebrated.

On a physical level, many experience benefits in the digestive organs as the lower frequencies move out restoring an easy flow. Sunstone also promotes improved circulation as the blood is purified. Basically all of the physical body's functions are improved as the heavy hindering energies are removed. 
It makes you feel good all over. 

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