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Collection: Kyanite - Blue Therapeutic Necklaces


 Kyanite consists of multiple layers of very thin, flat crystal blades that resemble the pages of a book or the blades of a fan.  It is difficult to find therapeutic qualities as it tends to be more opaque and due to its natural shape it can be challenging to make beads. So in general all Kyanite is rare.


Some highlights of the benefits of Blue Kyanite...

heals & balances thyroid
helps joints, cartilage & ligaments
relieves headaches
removes throat pain
eases neck issues
pain relief
reduces inflammation
supports healthy nervous system
detoxifies environmental toxins

merges mind & heart
enhances meditation
eases all communication
helps overcome shyness
supports public speaking/singing
increases focus & clarity

promotes tranquilty and ease
eases stress
lifts depression
eases stress & anxiety
helps to remove blockages
highlights compassionate connection

increases intuition
meditation amplifier
stimulates psychic abilities
supports astral travel
great for dream work


The Guardian of Blue Kyanite explains...

Blue Kyanite is a gem which focuses on the throat area.  As with many - if not all gems - its underlying purpose is to restore one back to the original state.  This process naturally occurs as balance is restored throughout one's bodies/systems.

     Blue Kyanite brings a balance between heart and mind through its effect on the throat (which is located between the heart and mind).  The energies of this gem spread from the throat outwards (up and down) merging this area as one.  As a result a rounded balanced expression of one's being occurs.  It naturally inspires the speaking of one's own truth and it is conveyed in a manner which is heard by all on some level.

     It is important on planet Earth to be able to express oneself well.  Not only is it a mode of communicating and connecting but many rely on how well they express (talk or sing) for the entire livelihood.  For example, the better a salesperson can use creative expression, the more sales he/she will have.  Blue Kyanite's effects can benefit and enhance the creative expression, making it the ideal gem for those who heavily rely on their voice.

     On the physical side Blue Kyanite's energies strengthen the parts (cartilage) of the intricate workings that create the voice.  This gem also bathes the entire throat soothing the linings and passageway (so it is great for sore throats).  If worn or used for a while one will hear one's voice become fuller and richer and less or no sore throats will occur.

    Blue Kyanite also has a direct effect on the thyroid.  Many on planet Earth are experiencing imbalances within the thyroid.  This is due to the constant denial of expression of one's true nature (being).  An energetic build up occurs which throws off the thyroid gland (whose function is to regulate the metabolic rate). Blue Kyanite clears the energetic build up out and directly targets the thyroid restoring the original balance.

     Overall Blue Kyanite unites heart and mind to create an unified expression and targets the physical areas with healing in order to do this to one's full capacity.  Blue Kyanite also conveys the wisdom that it is not always best to express and leads one inward to connect to one's true nature (through meditation).

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  • Kyanite - Blue EO++ 3.8-7.5mm 18inch 149.6ct
    Kyanite - Blue EO++ 3.8-7.5mm 18inch 149.6ct
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