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Collection: Health & Well Being Therapeutic Design Necklace

Copper, Tektite & Malachite

What this design does...
This unique design contains gems which truly compliment one another to bring about a higher level of health and well being.  The vibrations bring insight from the sub consciousness, the ability to move energies at an accelerated rate plus direct physical healing of disharmonies holding one back from being the best they can.  This design not only shows where the issues lie but start to remedy them by restoring free flow and optimal functioning as our original design provided.  It provides strong power to explore and resolve health issues of all types including chronic and long term challenges.

Health and well being design is not just limited to the physical but effects all levels and aspects of ourselves.  It uplifts and attracts not only positivity but abundance.  Insights on how to navigate situations, new projects and current planetary circumstances all come to light, broadening one’s horizon with many new perspectives.  It restores the spirit as it does the physical - so one has not only the power to do and take action to actualize a better reality for themselves but also the will and drive to do so.

This design will catapult you  from limiting and stuck energies to fully embrace all the wonder you are.

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