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Collection: Sugilite Therapeutic Necklaces

In our quest to offer top Therapeutic qualities - we often have to collect material for years.  This has been the case with Sugilite.  We have a direct connection with the mine and have had access to the rare segment of the Sugilite spectrum - Sugilite in it's gel form.  Over the last several years we have been collecting Sugilite material and now since the material is very limited from this spectrum and nearly non existent - we have crafted our newest batch of Sugilite Therapeutic Necklaces.

Some of the benefits of Sugilite...
- removes anxiety, stress, grief
-harmonizes emotions
-amplifies love within and attracts love
-encourages your own gifts/talents
-restores sense of freedom as it fills one with love & light
-inspires new ideas and new ways of thinking
-helps to understand life's lessons and reason for being on the planet
-forms a protective shield from negativity in all its forms
including negative entities, energies and frequencies
-aligns to the Violet Flame of purification
-fights off viruses
-works on the nervous systems and helps with nervous system disorders
-helps to relieve pain

The guardian of Sugilite explains...
Sugilite is a powerful healing gem. It actually attracts healing power to it so when it  is being worn or used healing comes in through it - as it acts like a magnet.  This  gives the physical aspect a wonderful boost along with the immune system.  But it  will also seek out issues that need healing within all the bodies and systems - restoring harmony and balance.

Sugilite helps to open the chakras, restoring them to their original functioning.  This  in turn restores the flow up and down the column and if your interest lies in that direction, can assist in improving the Kundalini flow.

For many on the planet, it is challenging to navigate life and cope with being in the physical body.  Sugilite helps to cope and sheds light on what one’s actual reason is for being - our personal mission.  It also facilitates a better understanding of life and it’s lessons - promoting the time on the planet as a school to gain greater awareness and fullness of being.

Sugilite also instills within the wearer (or user) a sense of the universality that exists, changing one's approach to life and living.  It helps to direct or guide one to know how to utilize the unique gifts we have been bestowed with, integrating them into
daily life.
Sugilite cultivates acceptance and tolerance, not only of others but more
importantly of ourselves.  More and more people are breaking away from the
“norms” of society and really travel to the beat of a different drummer.  This at
times can bring one to feel that something isn’t quite right or create a feeling of non-acceptance as a place where we fit is sought.  Sugilite relieves one of these self-doubts and brings about full acceptance for each one of our unique ways of being and expressing in our life.

Sugilite facilitates manifestation but in particular manifestation of the positive
aspects and attributes of our being and personality.  It eliminates anger, jealousy,
irritability, etc. - any negative leaning attributes - and replaces them with inspiration and confidence.

Sugilite's colors range from a pink purple to a deep purple.  The "families" of color have a different approach (and therefore different effects) in order to reach the same goal : an awakening to the Oneness in all.  Because this underlying goal exists the color variations can be combined or separated based on the desired outcome and availability.  It is rare to find enough of one color for instance to create a full strand/therapeutic necklace.  Therefore mixed shades and color hues in one strand is still highly therapeutic and brings in all traits/aspects of all the color shades at the same time.     
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