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Collection: Kunzite Therapeutic Necklaces

Kunzite is the best-known variety of spodumene.
It is strongly pleochroic, meaning there is a color intensity variation
when a bead is viewed from different directions.
Although Kunzite is a relatively soft and delicate gem, and can fade after
prolonged exposure to light, its appealing color and wonderful vibration make it a
popular gem to own.

Some of the benefits of Kunzite
- Kunzite creates peace and serenity within the chaos of life
- It creates a high capacity to gain wisdom and understanding
- Kunzite helps to restore and build trust on all levels
- It connects the heart and mind along with providing grounding and a
sense of centered-ness
- Kunzite gives great relief from sadness, worries and anxieties of all types
- It helps restore balance and harmony even on the physical levels providing
natural hormonal and metabolic balance
- Kunzite removes the obstacles and challenges in all types of relationships
- It can attract the love of your life / perfect partner

The necklaces we currently have available have various shades of Kunzite including pink, purple, clear, yellow, green and blue.  Because Kunzite is strongly pleochroic it can be hard to see the various shades until you have it live and are viewing it in different directions.

Kunzite necklaces tend to be rare as beads are often not created out of this gem as it easily chips. The beads in the following necklaces have all been hand smoothed and polished, following the natural lines of the original Kunzite pieces, making it possible to enjoy it in necklace form.

The Guardian of Kunzite explains...
All colors of Kunzite have the same vibrational base which radiates love making all shades similar in nature. Even though it contains different shades and colors of Kunzite, it draws a full force of harmonized energy promoting the highest form of love - unconditional. It simply blankets or bathes the entire being in love instantly raising the vibration and uplifting the spirit.
Multi Kunzite’s vibration is a strong purification from the multi-colored input allowing for hindrances and challenges to easily fall away. Working with (or wearing a strand) brings a strong sense of peace and calm. It is a slice of “home” creating a space to be in our original state - which we naturally always gravitate to and crave here on this plane. It allows us to experience a sense of fulfillment and contentment in it’s use.
Multi Kunzite also offers the individual traits described in the different color write ups because of the amount of the individual color provided through the “chunk” shape. A powerful and unique tool.

We suggest to wear your Kunzite necklace alone or with lighter, shorter
strands in order to avoid any damage.

Below or the individual color write ups.
To view necklaces scroll down to bottom of page.

      For the purpose of our tune ins and expressing the properties of the gems - we are going to use the term Kunzite for all the colors.  Kunzite is the name given to the pink and purple variety of Spodemene.  Whereas Hiddenite is the name given to the yellow-green Spodemene.  For simplicity sake we will use Kunzite for white, yellow, pink, purple, green and blue.
     Kunzite will fade in color with the exposure to sun.  It is a plethoric gem - meaning it will display different intensity of color depending on how you turn it.  Often pieces will display either bi-colors or tri-colors depending on the size and whether if in rough, polished form or beads. If multiple colors are shown within a piece - all properties of the colors apply.

The Guardian of Blue Kunzite explains...
     Blue Kunzite helps to transform all mental energies aligning with a positive expression of thought forms.  It aligns the mind with the heart so one may better communicate their unique Divine nature. Often our expression lacks a balanced base - speaking only from our emotions/feelings or from our mind.  Expressing from the aligned state allows for the richness and warmth of our being to be conveyed and genuinely show our Divinity.
     Blue Kunzite simply dispels negativity and allows one to remain calm, kind and focused regardless of what is transpiring.  It eases anger and draws one to a state of tranquility.  With continued use one can discover deeper states of inner peace and have greater tolerance and acceptance of others.
     Blue Kunzite can be used to resolve past influences on one’s current actions.  It lessens or removes the limiting nature of past experiences so one may freely see each situation in the present moment.  Many will find resolution from their karmic issues and will experience greater personal development aiding in ascension.
      Blue Kunzite opens the pathways to greater communication with one’s personal guides and guardians along with the angelic realm.  On the physical level it focuses its energies on the shoulders, neck and head, releasing tension and in turn aiding in relief from headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Blue Kunzite also aids to balance the thyroid along with other hormonal influences supporting a strong, balanced physical state of being.

The Guardian of Clear Kunzite explains...
     Clear Kunzite harmonizes all the aspects unifying them through the power and force of love.  It helps one gain a universal understanding - wisdom - and deepens the sense of self and one’s mission.
     Working with and or wearing Clear Kunzite will make one vibrant, loving, strong and open without losing intelligence or emotional strength.  It promotes an all aspect approach to raising one’s vibration - not sacrificing or boosting one part at a time - but unifying and lifting all as one. It strongly stimulates intuition and creativity - amplifying the pure essence which resides within.  It unleashes the god/goddess within.
     It is a strong repellent of all forms of negativity.  It transforms existing negativity within the bodies and systems and protects from incoming negative energy.  It can be used to shield one from foreign entities and even serve as a tool for removal of such.

The Guardian of Green Kunzite explains...
     Green Kunzite provides an anchoring of spiritual love into the being.  This then provides the basis for feeling a deeper sense of self and an fuller acceptance of not only  the self but to accept support and love from others.  It allows one to be open to connecting with others, with the planet and with the universe, sharing the space of Oneness and putting to rest the misperceptions of separateness.
     Green Kunzite draws in healing from the higher realms and can give insight to one’s physical aspect.  It helps to correct chemical imbalances, be it hormonal, prescription drug related or even from influences of an overuse of recreational drugs and/or alcohol.  It provides lasting results to overcome habits, patterns and programs supporting a fresh start.  It brings love in to conquer fear and the responses based on fear while shielding unwanted energies and mental influences.
      Green Kunzite has a powerful influence on the heart and heart chakra along with opening the higher heart chakra.  It heals old wounds and emotional upsets that seemed impossible to overcome stimulating and restoring joy.  It encourages a renewed commitment to the higher self and one’s purpose here on the planet.

The Guardian of Pink Kunzite explains...
      Pink Kunzite instantly raises one’s vibration through the most powerful force - love.  It guides and helps love to penetrate all aspects of the being bringing with it a deep purification that only unconditional love can offer.  It not only activates and aligns the heart chakra but harmonizes the center chakra with the rest of the column to fortify the flow - the love flow - through out the being.
     Working with or wearing pink Kunzite helps to have every action we take in life be done with love.  Love requires presence of being, focus on the moment at hand and when things are done with love we are one with the moment - in the state which we are designed to be.
     Regardless of what state of love one is experiencing this gem enhances it making it fuller, richer and more powerful.  So it will increase self-love, enhance and amplify love for all others and things.  It touches the base of the being and is a catalyst for peace, loving thoughts and loving expression.
     It also helps to remove obstacles along one’s path and more specifically removes energy blocks within the bodies and systems.  On the physical it can strengthen the heart and surrounding areas.

The Guardian of Purple Kunzite explains...
     Purple Kunzite brings forth the wise being we all embody - our Divine self.  It helps one to maintain a level of wisdom so we always are radiating our Divinity and expressing Divine Love.  It removes fear from the equation so one can move through life and its experiences riding a wave of love.
     Purple Kunzite heightens one’s intuition enabling us to hear our inner guidance with ease and confidence.  More trust is cultivated in ourselves and the guidance we receive, restoring an easy flow to the experience of life.
     Purple Kunzite will activate the latent spiritual potential and/or amplify one’s spiritual nature.  This is greatly needed on the planet as we have lost sight of our Divinity through all the veils and shades of illusion created by society and the environments we are surrounded with.  In having a greater spiritual nature we will experience a fuller expression of life as all aspects of the self will be engaged.  
      Purple Kunzite helps to expand our consciousness while anchored in love, bringing one into deeper meditative states which are richly rewarding.  When needed Purple Kunzite helps to transcend the barriers of dimensions and dimensional travel, augmenting the meditative state.
      Purple Kunzite guides one on the path of enlightenment or self realization.  Great support is generated on all levels to help be the best possible version of your self.  It erases any sense of lack and restores the love quotient.  

The Guardian of Yellow Kunzite explains...
     Yellow Kunzite brings forth wisdom through the understanding and cultivation of unconditional love.  It personalizes the impersonal in order to help comprehend things easier on this plane.  This is a rare trait in a gem which brings in higher intelligence and therefore it carries an unique warmth to it not often experienced with other yellow colored gems.
     Yellow Kunzite is a strong cleanser of energy blocks within all the aspects of the self especially the ego, drawing in the highest cleansing possible. It is through this cleansing that cellular rejuvenation, glandular optimization and even DNA restructuring and repair can take place.
     Yellow Kunzite also promotes the secretion of beneficial hormones improving one’s overall outlook on life.  This gem’s vibration has an unique signature which provides protection from what is commonly known as EMF.  This includes radiation of all forms even nuclear.

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