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Collection: Sapphire - Green Therapeutic Necklaces


Green is a rare color for a sapphire.
Supplies are limited and Green Sapphire is virtually unknown

Some of the highlights of Green Sapphire
-Helps to find the right path
-Promotes integrity and dignity
-Cultivates trust and loyalty
-Works on the heart and heart chakra
-Promotes compassion and tolerance
-Expands perception and understanding
-Increases patience
-Great for blood related issues, disorders and diseases
-Improves eyesight and soothes eye strain

Green Sapphire Properties 
The Guardian of Green Sapphire explains...
Green Sapphire provides subtle healing energy which is not felt directly by many.
It is though, very powerful, especially during these times of great evolutionary shifts for humanity. Stronger vibrational differences are becoming more common as the expansion to a higher vibration is occurring. 
Often for those who are the "way-showers", the effects of lower vibrations can be extreme, even creating disharmony on the physical. Green Sapphire creates a protective atmosphere for those, allowing one's current state not to be affected by the lower vibrations. The body/mind system does this naturally when all aspects are in balance. But, currently, as expansion occurs, the degree of imbalance is creating heightened sensitivity until one is able to re-balance. Therefore, Green Sapphire is a great tool to ease through these periods of heightened sensitivity without the discomforts usually experienced.
Humanity's evolution and expansion are allowing finer, usually latent, aspects to become more pronounced. The energies of Green Sapphire are a natural support for this. It works on one's nerves and organs supporting the emerging sensitivity and actually strengthens them on a cellular level.
This promotes faster adapting, easing changes experienced on the physical level.
The benefits that Green Sapphire offers will grow in demand as time progresses. More and more are expanding, creating variances in energies and vibrations throughout the world. The key is to keep one's own being balanced which isn't always possible. Everyone will begin to feel heightened states of sensitivity. Green Sapphire will help to quickly move through these states, offer protection during these times and providing support on a physical level.

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  • Sapphire - Green EO++ 2.5-4.5mm 17inch 47.95ct
    Sapphire - Green EO++ 2.5-4.5mm 17inch 47.95ct
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