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Collection: Sapphire - Indigo Therapeutic Necklaces

all natural - NOT heated

The Guardian of Indigo Sapphire explains...

Indigo Sapphire is a gem to expand and nourish the third eye area.  (It carries the same general effects of Blue Sapphire but its energies are mainly concentrated on the third eye aspect.)  The third eye is the gateway to one's innate knowing (intuition).  When this chakra and area is cleared/aligned one is able to easily access this knowing and the knowledge can be used to enhance daily life.  Indigo Sapphire assists in clearing and aligning and is perfect for restoring this area to its full functionality.

     Indigo Sapphire helps to eliminate the disruptive energy (negativity) which exists not only in the forehead area but the entire field.  It provides an insight on how one creates negativity and that a choice can be made in creating it or not.

     Indigo Sapphire facilitates one's psychic and channeling abilities.  It can be used to open and develop these senses consciously.  Not everyone has it in their design to use these abilities beyond gaining information for themselves.  Indigo Sapphire assists in shedding light on one's individual purpose and strengthens the drive to obtain it.

     On a physical level Indigo Sapphire affects the skeletal system with a concentrated focus on the joints.  Disharmonious energies tend to gather in those areas and the energy of Indigo Sapphire saturates and dissolves these energies.  This is actually a secondary effect as the creation of this energy lies in the mind in most people.  This is addressed by Indigo Sapphire through assisting one to see the role they play in creating negativity (and in this case, inflexibility).

     Indigo Sapphire allows for a fuller expression of the self through the accessing of the innate knowledge library.  Life takes on a "magical" element as one follows the intuitive "hits" becoming more spontaneous, free and alive.

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