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Collection: "AS IS" / NOT SO PERFECT Andara Crystals

5th Dimensional Healing Polished Pieces
made from authentic Monatomic Andara Crystals

Andara Crystals

We hand select authentic andara crystals
and then have them polished, carved or made beads from.

Occasionally on their journey to us they have a challenging time
and when they finally arrive they show the signs.

I have been told that these pieces are in a way even stronger
because they mirror life's experience

The following pieces have been reduced simply because
they might have a nick or are not quite how we prefer to offer the piece.

Please take your time and explore all pictures of each item
so you are clear on what you will be receiving.

We guarantee all our Andara crystals to be authentic Monatomic Andara crystals -
found in regions where monatomic minerals are contained within the soil.
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  • Aqua Blue Andara Crystal 9.7kg ***AS IS***
    Aqua Blue Andara Crystal 9.7kg ***AS IS***
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