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Collection: Super Consciousness Therapeutic Design Necklace


Tanzanite, Purple Rainbow Fluorite, White Coral & Gold

What this design does...
    As we move forward on our path of evolution, humanity has discovered that we are not simple beings.  The deeper we delve we identify more bodies and systems, more chakras rooted in different dimensions - just more than meets the eye.

    This design is a powerful tool to access the “more” of our being and aid in moving through the portals and dimensional stages in which we exist.  Plus it does this while providing a protected and serene state for us to travel within.  It allows for greater connection to divine guidance and the higher self.  It grants easy access to the higher dimensional chakras particularly those of the fourth and fifth dimensions.  This design will give assistance in gaining the wisdom and understanding needed through initiations to connect to even the highest chakras 22-32.

    Within the first tier or basic seven chakra system this design is extremely aligning.  It opens the crown chakra to new stages of expanded-ness giving space for greater amounts of higher realm energy to enter.  It will stimulate evolution, reinforcing the original blueprint design and optimizing the process to return to that original state of being.

    This design in it’s role of drawing higher energies into the bodies and systems also purifies as it goes.  It deepens one’s abilities to communicate through the dimensions and simultaneously see and access more than one dimension at a time - giving a truer, fuller view of our true purpose.

    Immense spiritual change can occur through this design as it helps in removing the old mindsets.  It breaks limitations, programs and patterns which spurs integration of the higher realm perspective in daily life.  Thinking and action will no longer be part of the collective but rather collective changing and influencing.

    This design is a Divine Revelation for those open and willing to use it to bring forth their true form and follow their soul path.

A note on white coral...
Tools4transformation has long maintained a deep commitment to the
earth and the environment. Our White Coral was harvested in harmony
with the ocean using only ethically and legally sourced options.
To do otherwise, we believe, would render it non therapeutic and is not
what Tools4transformation stands for.

This material is from the 1980's.
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