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Multi Beryl detailed Therapeutic Properties

In our Multi Beryl Therapeutic Necklaces we use a variety of colors which are known under different names.  Below are the individual property descriptions to give you a more detailed explanation of the necklaces.

The Guardian of Blue Aquamarine explains...
Aquamarine is a gem which brings one's pure essence (true self, higher self) to the surface.  This is a very important task which is much needed on planet Earth today.  As a result of society and its rules to conform, many have buried their pure essence under layers and layers of "stories".  The stories have been in place for so long that they are believed as fact with no idea of the nature of the pure essence within.  Aquamarine pushes the stories aside revealing the pure essence.
     Aquamarine affects can be strong for some depending on how many stories exist.  Society has created a belief that protection and preparedness is crucial to be safe.  Even the idea of being safe is misguided and has been used to regain control over spontaneous free spirited people.  Aquamarine shows that it is "safe" to reveal the pure essence and to stop perpetuating one's personal illusions.
     The process aquamarine initiates and facilitates is very freeing for one's spirit and creativity.  Without the need to maintain and conform - an abundance of energy is made available.  The pure essence is eternally young and being in alignment with it can only bring a youthening effect.  The idea of "getting old" and "aging" is also an aspect of life which has been manipulated on Planet Earth.  The power currently exists to live fully to 120-130 years instead of the average 70-80 years.  People choose to age themselves by conforming.  A movement and increased awareness is being shown through the influx of anti-aging products available. None of this is needed if one returns to the alignment with the pure essence.  Aquamarine reinstates the alignment.
     The effects of Aquamarine touch all aspects of the being.  This gem actually unifies the aspects with the pure essence strengthening the commonality - "you".  When one is in alignment there is a peace and calm of being, a gratitude for and wonderment of life exists.  There is no place for anger, jealousy, etc. because they all originate from an imbalance or lack.
     On a physical level, Aquamarine's energy gravitates towards the head and throat area.  Because of this concentration of the energy here, many feel benefits in the jaws and teeth.  This gem also strengthens eyesight and with use can improve vision.  It can be used for sore throats and to relieve the swelling of the throat lymph nodes and tonsils.  It assists in the balancing of the thyroid and thymus glands.
     Aquamarine creates a new lease on life by unveiling the pure essence.  This gem diminishes the need for drama which is naturally replaced with awe for life and existence.  Aquamarine will help one rediscover the harmony and satisfaction in being who you are.

The Guardian of Green Aquamarine explains...
Green Aquamarine is a gem which restores balance and harmony throughout all the bodies. Not only does it strengthens the connection of heart and mind, along with aligning to the higher self, but translates this connection solidly to the physical.  One's decisions and actions relating to the physical are in alignment with the higher self.  For instance, the desire for exercise and outdoor activity is heightened if that is what is needed (to restore the balance of the physical) or cravings for whole foods rather than preservative filled choices, etc.  It basically instigates energies that drive one to better choices regarding the physical which in turn brings the physical aspect more in alignment with the other aspects.
     Green Aquamarine also connects to higher frequencies/vibrations which accelerate heightening of the overall frequency/vibration of the physical.  These higher energies promote a cleansing and purifying that supports the alignment with the higher self.  The more in alignment, the easier life flows.  If life is lived through one's heart center everything takes on an element of peace and the struggle and pain that is often experienced falls away.  Green Aquamarine's energies support one to reach this state.
    Green Aquamarine brings a spiritual touch to the physical, mental and emotional.  It melds the aspects in such a way that one's expression becomes evenly balanced and divine.  This melding of the aspects forms a type of protection for the physical which naturally repels illness and disease.  The physical frequency is raised above the "normal" state, in which illness/disease thrive, creating a preventative field against it.  It is a great tool to use especially now on planet Earth as the "new body" is emerging into existence.

The Guardian of Golden Beryl explains...
Golden beryl is a high-frequency gem that brings forth one's inner light. This gem balances and aligns all aspects of the body through light. Light is a powerful transformer that uses its power to purify. The purer one is, the easier it is for the pure essence within to radiate out. Golden beryl purifies and transforms whatever aspect most in need to enhance the overall capacity of light.
Golden beryl directly assists is manifesting the new being for the "new world" which is upon the Earth. It supports one's evolution to a "higher" way of being mainly facilitating the capacity to hold more light/ higher frequencies/ higher vibrations.  The experience of life through this avenue is expanding and one is able to not only see but experience the abundance of options available.
Golden beryl's energy can be likened to that of the sun - warming, soothing and inspiring life.  (The reference to the sun's and its energies is to the time when atmospheric conditions didn't affect the positive influence of the sun's power.) 
The energy of the Golden beryl creates the ideal environment to grow and transform. It activates the chakras and supports the crown to open and expand its capacity to receive. It's energy additionally focuses on the third chakra and the surrounding area, accentuating the positive expression of the ego.
Golden beryl creates a field within the aura which is able to work as a physical shield. This can be used as a preventative of common sicknesses such as cold and flu, besides maintaining a level of positivity. Golden beryl also strongly activates the Pineal and Pituitary glands. This expands the mind's capabilities and heightens the senses which pave the way for a higher level of communication.  Its energy also benefits the pancreas, liver, and spleen.     

Golden beryl has been found by many to be a powerful tool in working with the light body and/or following the path to ascension. It also transfers the power and benefits one receives through sun gazing. This gem does bring forth a purer expression of the self, able to access unlimited energy to support a higher expression.

The Guardian of White Beryl explains...
White Beryl is a high frequency gem allowing one to bring into alignment all the bodies and systems with the original.  This gem uses the chakras to expand its energy throughout the physical.  As a result the chakras are cleared, aligned and expanded, enhancing one's own ability to take more of the corresponding color ray of the chakras in.
     With the increased flow of energy from the higher, the being is purified.  This introduces a higher vibration throughout increasing the capability of sustaining more light.  The more light one retains the closer one functions as the pure essence within.
     White Beryl’s effects are also seen in the mental, emotional and physical. 
   On the mental a different view of thoughts can be seen.  One sees the thought, recognizes that it is but remains unaffected. On the emotional a similar detachment is experienced allowing one not to be thrown off balance by emotions but simply to be. On the physical level one utilizes the increased energy for whatever overall healing is needed.
     Due to its strong chakra impact, White Beryl works as a conduit for needed color ray inputs.  It in itself brings in the pure light which is comprised of all.  Therefore this draws a full spectrum of healing.  Most experience this input through the senses (seeing, hearing, etc.) and in the breathing system as well as in the organs.  On occasion one may also have a strong impact on the muscles within the legs.
     White Beryl overall instills a balance which reconnecting one's pure essence and beyond.

The Guardian of Pink Morganite explains...
Morganite is a high frequency gem whose purpose is to show the path of love in action.  Love is a very misinterpreted word on planet Earth.  In order to express the love this gemstone works with, it is best to use the phrase "unconditional love".
     This gem connects one to the source of unconditional love and allows the wearer (or user) to experience this emotion in its purest form.  Morganite creates a bridge for the unconditional love frequency enabling this frequency to enter into one's physical being.  The direct path that the majority of beings once had on this planet to this frequency has long been blocked by simple misuse of power (ego).  Morganite recreates this bond with this frequency allowing one to live life as it was designed - though the heart.
     After sharing this explanation, the (Gemstone) Guardian Spirit of Morganite asked me (Sia) "Where do you see unconditional love?"  I thought of the image of a mother and child in my mind's eye.  The Guardian Spirit of Morganite then showed how even this did not show the true essence of the unconditional love frequency anymore.  The vision expanded out to encompass all of planet Earth showing only here and there a few light depicting beings holding this frequency in their hearts.  This vision gave a clear picture of the current state of planet Earth and it's relation to love.  Morganite seems to be really needed for most of humanity.

The Guardian of Salmon Pink Morganite explains...
     This color is a bit less common and often is considered more rare of all the Morganite colors.  Besides fulfilling the mission of Morganite
these strands tend to be felt more physically initially rather than the etheric/higher effects the pure pink Morganite draws in immediately.
     This shade of Morganite helps to merge the heart chakra - our love center - with the third chakra - the ego/will base.  Through this merging one can transform ego issues more quickly and have a more spiritual approach to things transcending the mental approach the ego tends to fuel.
      It is also a powerful tool to bring the feminine energy  of unconditional love down into the second chakra for a more spiritual approach to love expression.  This works for both men and women.  All love making and expression can be taken to a higher spiritual level.
      It is a great tool for enhancing creativity and supporting one’s expression of individuality.