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Remote Healing Summary

This session is a combination of a personal healing attunement
and a planetary/collective healing/meditation
Below you will find simple explanations of each session with the date and what the focus was.  Pictures of our grid set ups are shared as they reflect the session theme.
Thank you for joining us!
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JULY 3, 2022
Today's session was with the Pink Violet Flame
Above is the picture of the grid set up.

Hi everyone ... hope all are good.
At the time I was preparing the table
many of you came by already to "say hi" 🕯️🙏🤩🙏🕯️.
Found it refreshing to see how much we all like the sessions.

Today ... written Sunday morning, we play with the energies of the pink violet flame. Emotional clearing and raising the love quotient is still on.
Once we are in our spheric temple of light we spread the flame energies through our connected fields of consciousness. There are plenty people around the world that join and spread the overflow.

I love what we do and am glad that you all do too.
Thanks for all your kind words and looking forward to today's session.
Enjoy and see you in the light of higher vibration.
Love Virendra💖

MAY 29, 2022
Blue Ray =Truth
What is truth? .. Love!
Love is pink,  truth is blue
Both are same .. Love!
Put blue and pink together,
mix it well and you will ... in the right combination ... have Violet
 The highest purification through love ....

1st session we jumped into the pool of blue, had a swim for a bit and enjoyed.
2nd session we had a let go and started floating with ease and fearless.
No struggle to stay up.

This concluding session was the final let go in this triple round.

We drowned in the deep blue, letting go of what does not belong and tries to pull us to the surface into the illusions.

Lets stay in this state of deeper freedom ....
MAY 22, 2022
Hi Everybody...
Do you like the BLUE
Today's session we went another step deeper into the Blue to prepare for the final session (of this trio) which will happen next Sunday.  All three sessions should provide a noticeable difference, when turning the view inside, of having more calm and peace within heart and mind.
May the love & the light of the prime creator
always be with everyone
The Tools Team
MAY 15, 2022
 Today's session was done with the Blue Ray of Love & Wisdom.
The Blue Ray brought a calm wave as we all joined together on the inner planes today.  In this space of Oneness we each individually were able to connect to our true selves more fully, feel the warmth within and our expand our hearts.
Take some time to tune in and see how the Blue Ray effected your bodies and systems - especially the heart. 
♥️ 🙏
The Tools Team
MAY 1, 2022
 Today's session was done with the Emerald Green Ray of Healing.
The Emerald Green Ray of healing is known for it's physical healing properties.  With this we paired the Therapeutic Gemstone energies of Tektite and Moldavite, known for their strong healing aspects against viruses of all types.  This combination created a strong healing force which ran through all the participants physical vehicles and then radiated out to the planet.  We all looked like green light bulbs - lighting up all over the world - as we ourselves received a physical healing and fortification.
A powerful vibrational healing wave was sent across the planet allowing for all possibilities of new found health and wellness. Thanks for being a part of translating the energies into the Oneness we share.
Love light peace and happiness ❣️
The Tools Team

APRIL 17, 2022
Happy Easter Everyone!
Today's session was strongly focusing on the glandular system with a specific emphasis on the glands in the head - the Pineal and the Pituitary - which relate to ascension and the ascension process. Emphasis was given for cleaning, de-calcifying, harmonizing and activating.
The session drew in great light to all the bodies and systems down to the cellular level.  This light was expanding and aligned to the Christ Consciousness helping us all to become one with the light we have within so we might radiate it out more fully as we embrace the true nature of our being.
May we all continue to anchor love and light on the planet and express this to all we come in contact with.
APRIL 3, 2022
Today's session was with the Violet Flame. This helped in clearing the low vibrations/negativity from ourselves as well as bringing it in for all living beings on the planet.

Gaia, the planet herself, will also benefit from the cleansing along with the negative energies created through the Ukraine situation.
The Violet Flame is made of the blending of blue and pink.  Both are coming out of the heart of God/Spirit to help purify on all levels, raise the love and light quotient while transmuting low frequencies on the earth.
Love is the ONLY way.
MARCH 27, 2022
Session 4 of 4 with the focus on the chakras building week to week - going deeper within for healing, balancing and aligning.
Fourth step :
Clear towers added at the base of the chakras
to shine additional light into all areas and aspects
for deeper clearing, cleansing and supporting
Our chakra journeyhas concluded for this round with our series which slowly builded upon one another in order to allow for deep chakra work to be done.
The strong chakra focus was partnered with St. Germain's Violet Flame to help remove hindering energies along with the white ray of purity to help draw in more light force for source.  These two flames constantly worked in harmony as things were cleared out the areas were filled with more light.

All the vibrations of the session translate to the planet to support a raising of frequency through the earth's own chakra system.
We also called forth the help of Buddha today so that all may know and hold more peace in their hearts.
Love light peace and happiness ❣️
The Tools Team
MARCH 20, 2022
Session 3 of 4 with the focus on the chakras building week to week - going deeper within for healing, balancing and aligning.
Third step :
Clear towers at the top of the chakras
to shine additional light into deeper areas for clearing etc   
Our chakra journey continues with more light being brought into the individual chakras for healing, balancing and insights.  The light is translated through the white ray of purity helping to draw in more purity to our beings to raise our vibration.
The Violet Flame continues to dissolve any energies which are no longer suiting creating more space within each chakra for the light to pour in.

All the vibrations of the session translate to the planet to support a raising of frequency through the earth's own chakra system.
We are all connected.
MARCH 13, 2022
Session 2 of 4 with the focus on the chakras building week to week - going deeper within for healing, balancing and aligning.
Second step :
Clear pieces flanking each chakra set
to shine the light into deeper areas for clearing etc   
As our journey with the chakras goes deeper the Violet flame continues to transmute the energies no longer needed, as more light from the white ray streams in raising the frequency.
The vibrations translate to the planet through the planet's chakra system in the space of Oneness.
MARCH 6, 2022

Today's session focused on balancing, aligning and harmonizing through a deeper treatment of the chakras themselves.  Paired with this was the Violet Flame to remove all which is not needed and help to raise our personal frequencies.
On a global level we sent out the vibrations of balance and harmony.  The Violet Flame worked on removing negative energies and raising the overall vibration of the planet.
♥️ 🙏
The Tools Team
FEBRUARY 20, 2022
Today's session focused on increasing the energies of the Flame of Christ Consciousness throughout the world.  Each person received a personal attunement to this energy for their highest good.
The grid set up supported this along with inviting the ascension energies to the planet and for everyone on it.  Taking the "small & pale" world from no color (3D) to the full color version (5D).
With Love
The Tools Team
February 6, 2022
The guidance came to work with the Emerald Green Violet Flame along with some supportive input for the sub consciousness and shadow aspects.

Let’s take a look at the grid set up to understand further how the session unfolded today.

The Emerald Green Violet Flame helped to heal and clear released energies while simultaneously the silver fin and discs brought up the ghosts/shadows living in our subconsciousness. They were dissolved through the violet aspect of the multi flame.
There was the constant radiation of christ consciousness energies above (through the Aquarian pyramid), around and through the planet.

This session helped all of us to go deeper - which in turn will lead everyone to go higher - holding more love and light.
Was fun meeting you all in the inner planes community and until the next…
Namaste and blessings ✨🙏✨
The Tools Team
(The Violet Flame picture is available in two sizes on https://eraofpeace.org/)
January 16, 2022
Hi everyone 🕯🙏🕯

This weekend we dove into the subconsciousness to clear out what is most limiting to our real life experience.
Letting go of old programming, conditionings, overlays, projections, filters etc which always kept us away from living our true truth and not what anyone or society as a whole wants us to live.
For the newly joined ones:
 Please know that while everyone who signed in receives the energies invoked you also are part during the medi/session to be the anchor of the needed high energies to fulfill that task. On top we all unite and become the distributor to forward those energies to everyone open, receptive and in alignment to receive them.
Its always a pleasure to invite "the mailing list" in and see all as colorful beings enter the spheric temple created in the ethers.
Instantly we all become one and through it are much more able to hold a level the 3 of us alone can not do (yet 😉).
Anyway, its fun and we can come closer and closer to realize the true oneness in our daily lives.
Let Gods love and light shine happy and bright.

The center represents Metatron stepping down the pure vibration to the level needed that we can handle. The surrounding clear discs represent our higher selves receiving and spreading. The tower connects St. Germain and his legions to clear not only our releases but also whats still flying around on low frequencies. The planet is violet flamed too!
The 3 spheres directing the energies into our subconscious to clear what can be released so we can act more as the authentic being rather then from a programmed mind.
The angel represent the "lords of karma" who are invoked to clear the "little" stuff in a as easy way as possible.
Time to forgive and not hold on. We all can make it lighter for each other and while in the  forgiving mood it is advised to just add yourself into the mix and forgive what we judge in ourselves.
Yes, even forgiving the self judging.
We are all same even though the circumstances on this planet play a illusion of separation and the "rulers" like to keep it that way. Its needed to give us the chance to free ourselves once again.
 Time seems to have sped up a lot but looking at resolving issues it seem to go very slow. There is no time and if we will transform through eternity ... called evolution. Its a never ending dream to get higher and higher till we are consciously one again with God source itself.
We are always but are we always aware of it???

So everyone, have fun, enjoy life and if there is nothing to enjoy, then let us make it enjoyable.

With plenty of love and light to all ...
Virendra from the tools team .. 💫🕯😇🕯💫

January 1, 2022
(In today's pictures you can see the healing list.  We create and place a list each time within the grid set up but sometimes we take the photos prior to placing the list within the set up.)

Thanks for joining us on the inner planes for the healing session today on this first day of the new year.   For this session we were guided to use the Violet Flame helping to remove all the hindering energies of the past / old as we enter into this new year.

Above is our healing grid set up for today's session.  The center clear/white pillar and discs represent all the inhabitants of the planet including all of us that participated today.  The outer pillars and discs of violet represented the violet flame itself.  The pillars not only radiated the violet flame energy towards us (the center) but also emanated the violet flame energy out to the planet to assist in removing the hindering or negative energies present.

During the session itself, chakra by chakra, hindering and limiting energies were removed allowing us to move forward with less baggage and feeling lighter.  This upcoming year is all about simplifying and focusing on the things which are most important to us as individuals in the present.  It is time to release all the old and the hold it’s had on us in our day to day experience of life.  Let’s approach this new year with the energy of open-ness allowing for new possibilities to emerge.

Happy New Year!
 ... ✨♥️🕯️🪧😄✨...
Love light peace and happiness ❣️
V, Paula & Miriam

December 25th, 2021

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for joining us on the inner planes for the healing session today.  Above is our healing grid set up for today's session.
It was shown that the third and fourth chakras were in need of clearing and healing in relation to the overall emotional healing that is needed on the planet.  The Yellow (in the grid) worked on the emotions held in the third.  The Pink the higher emotions in the fourth.  The Green the emotions connected to the physical third and fourth chakras.  With the Violet bring in the Violet Flame to take care of transmuting all releases.
The grid set up creates the intention of the session itself allowing for a clear picture of how things unfolded in our beings and how they were translated out to the world.  Many of you will experience the light and joy that you are, as the pealed away emotional baggage allowed for these aspects to come in front.
For some of you, you might experience sadness or other emotions as things move out. This is an indicator that you actually are holding onto things, not allowing yourself to live your full truth of the love and light that you are.  Just breath through these waves and if you so choose, the energies are in place for you to release these hindering emotions.  As much as we might like to bypass things coming up, we often have to move through them to be able to fully experience the simplicity of the love and light that we are.  So, with each challenge you move through, know that you are becoming just that much more empty, that much more yourself.

We appreciate you joining us in this healing/meditation amplifying the energies.
Happy holi day ✌️♥️🕯️
V, Paula & Miriam

December 21, 2021

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for joining us on the inner planes for the healing session today in honor of the Solstice!  Above is our healing grid set up for today's session. 
We were guided to continue to work with the Flame of Christ Consciousness since our last group remote session on 12:12.  This is reflected in the choice of crystals mainly focusing on self mastery.

What is Christ Consciousness?
Christ Consciousness is the consciousness that we seek to grow into, to evolve and fulfill our soul’s purpose, a consciousness of true awareness of what is, meaning all personal filters and limitations are removed and we see things through the eyes of our Divine Self. We become aware of every nuance of goodness and every expression of negativity radiating from all whom we meet. But most importantly, we learn how to love ourselves and all people because this is the essence of the Christ, to fulfill our personal Mission of Love.

In reading that description it is easy to see how we can continue t work with this flame and continue to evolve, heal and grow in the light, love and kindness that is so needed for ourselves and the world.

The session itself (done as if you are in our healing space with us - using reiki, crystals, etc.)  was warm and powerful.  We are all being held in a space of accelerated transformation as we move towards 2022.  Every effort is being made to support us to become less encumbered by the past, our thoughts, our identifications, our patterns, our programs.  In other words, to fully embrace who we are on every level.

We appreciate you joining us in this healing/meditation amplifying the energies needed for all to find peace, kindness and understanding.
 ... ✨♥️🕯️🪧😄✨...
Love light peace and happiness ❣️
Paula, V and Miriam

Comment from this session...
Thank You so much beautiful souls, I felt the healing very deeply & lifted me out of despair Much Love & Gratitude to You all for all Your love healing & support 🤗😘😍❤️🙏🏼