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Collection: Ametrine Therapeutic Necklaces

Ametrine Therapeutic Necklaces
The following necklaces are made out of "pebble" beads which show both the golden yellow and purple aspects of Ametrine clearly.  When beads are available, they often do not show both aspects, making it not as therapeutic nor as faster working. 
The shape and size of the following strands make them ideal meditation necklaces, helping you to quickly clear blockages throughout all the bodies and systems.
They also are great showpiece necklaces - making a bold statement while offering uplifting and cleansing energy.

Some of the benefits of Ametrine
- Ametrine balances masculine & feminine
- it dispels blockages within the physical, emotional and mental subtle bodies
- Ametrine brings clarity, fine tunes one's perception and initiates positive action
- It allows for higher awareness
- Ametrine releases negative programming and expectations
-It helps to overcome self-sabotage and procrastination
-Ametrine stimulates creativity and supports taking control of your life
-It builds the acceptance level of self and others, increasing compatibility
-Ametrine dispels negative energy from the aura, balancing the inward and outward energy flow
-it brings stabilizes the foundational balance between daily life & spirituality
- Ametrine is a strong blood cleanser and energizer
-It regenerates the physical body and strengthens the immune system
-Ametrine oxygenates the body, stabilizes DNA/RNA & heals chronic fatigue syndrome
- It is very helpful in long standing illness/dis-ease as it brings insight into cause/root issue

The Guardian of Ametrine explains...

This unique gem, (even though some qualify it as two gems in one) was created specifically as a transporter to the wisdom of the Universe.

     Ametrine simply removes any blockages held within oneself to wisdom.  All wisdom is accessible to anyone; it is only a matter of clearing the pathways to it.  Often times it is simply one self who is blocking the pathways.  Denial is a condition that is very prominent on planet Earth.  At some point one places limits which lead to denial.  It is crucial for one's unfolding to embrace the limitlessness within.  This gem will assist one with that.

     If accessing wisdom is one's goal, Ametrine is best used with conscious and pure intent.  Often times a guide will appear to assist in this process - this gem can help one to connect to one's guides.  If it is worn (or used) over a longer period of time, its energies will bring forth one's innate (internal) wisdom.  It will tap into the pool of knowledge and allow it to be open to you.  Gradually one will approach all of life's tasks and experiences with the wisdom known to the masters and beyond.  This will ultimately lead one on the path of enlightenment and a new level of living will be reached.

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