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Collection: Dumortierite - Blue Therapeutic Necklaces


We have found some wonderful Blue Dumortierite!
They are not dyed but naturally have a deep, rich shade of blue rare to find in the market.

All our offerings here are genuine Blue Dumortierite. Blue
Dumortierite can be misidentified as other gems such as Sodalite
and Lapis - while some even confuse it with rare Blue Aventurine.

Some of the benefits of Blue Dumortierite
- Blue Dumortieirite increases one's assertiveness
and builds self confidence.
- It helps to increase your self discipline and improves your
organizational skills so you can accomplish more with ease
- Blue Dumortierite stimulates the brain and
enhances your intellectual abilities and memory.
- It activates the pineal gland which is located
on your forehead behind the third eye
- Blue Dumortierite strongly works on the throat and throat chakra helping you to express your authentic self and your own truth
- It amplifies inner peace, certainty and
feelings of being secure in one's self
- Blue Dumortierite helps to find and maintain your bliss of being,
opening your eyes to your own goodness.
-It helps overcome shyness, phobias of all kinds,
addictions, anxiety, fear, depression and stress.
- Blue Dumortierite helps to see and discern the reasons behind
relationships - be it karmic or for an opportunity for personal learning - making it easier to navigate any challenges or difficulties that arise.

The guardian of Blue Dumortierite explains...
Dumortierite supports the being from the core out, bringing a presence or
grounded base while improving higher vision.  It encourages being of service and having acceptance of life and all it brings.

This is a powerful tool for those who suffer from victim consciousness, why me? Consciousness, shyness, anxiety and paranoid tendencies.  Because of it’s unique core support one doesn’t only feel calmer but supported with greater access to the innate inner strength we all possess. It strengthens will power and activates self discipline creating a extremely high success rate to any endeavor/goal taken on. So, if starting a new weight loss plan, fitness plan, project at work, etc. this is the tool to use.

Dumortierite not only allows for acceptance but cultivates patience for things to unfold and greater patience for others.  It aids in bringing forth optimism, a realizing that everything is ok and that our nature is to survive and rise above, regardless.

Dumortierite also gives one insight.  This can be applied to understanding the root causes of physical issues, insight into behavior of ourselves and others, insight into emotional responses/reactions, even insight into unknown aka intuitive guidance.  With insight comes wisdom so with use of this gem it is easy to unfold the wise man or woman.

This is a great gem for those especially in the nursing, caregivers profession or teachers even parents, where being of service and having patience is greatly needed, along with having insights as to what is really going on.  All can benefit from this as a higher perspective to things can only bring resolution and understanding and that is what Dumortierite cultivates.

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