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Collection: Rhyolite Therapeutic Necklaces


Some highlights of Rhyolite's benefits...
-Brings peace of mind
-Helps to live in the moment
-Process the past
- Releasing traumas, wounds and hurt
-Heals all old wounds on all levels
-Brings positive outlook and attracts positivity
- Enhances self esteem
-Cultivates inner strength
-Protects against falsehoods
- Helps connects with animals and the planet

The Guardian of Rhyolite explains...
 Rhyolite breathes in fresh life force and energy into one’s existence. It helps to give direction and new purpose in being, manifesting what is needed. Those who are challenged with procrastination - this gem helps to seize the day - and move forward with plans, goals and life’s mission. The energy of this gem helps one to delve deeper into the influences of one’s burdens. It helps to unlock your past life, understanding karmic issues and how to clear them and/or how they are unfolding in this life now. This offers great help to heal deep wounds.

Rhyolite harmonizes the female/male aspect within. We all have the dance of feminine and masculine going on within. When the inner is harmonized and aligned a superb feeling overtakes one - invigorating and restoring zest for life. Rhyolite paves the way for a new level of inner harmony. It also promotes a deep connection to the mother we all share - Mother Earth. Some find it as a profound tool for earth healing and it helps to amplify the effects of any gatherings whose focus /intent is on the well-being of Mother Earth.

On the physical, it does wonders for detoxification without any harsh side effects. It improves the function of the kidneys and liver which are the key organs of elimination and removal of toxins.

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