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Collection: Universal Being Therapeutic Design Necklace

Moldavite, Green Jade (Nephrite) & Gold

At a glance:
Moldavite - Brings in Universal consciousness and helps to expand mental
Green Jade (Nephrite) - offers balance to emotional & mental bodies
Gold - purifying on all levels

What this design does...
This design accelerates the individual's understanding of the Universe in relation to one's self.  The basic design of the Universe is one of harmony and balance.  It is man who has thrown off this peaceful state through misperceptions.  This design restores one's bodies and systems to a place which is in alignment to the universal harmony vibration.  In doing this the ideas of separation and even denial are eliminated.

The effects of this design can be seen in many ways all depending on the individual user.
On the mental, a profound peace can be experienced as a greater understanding of all is seen.Patience, detachment and non-judgment are the traits cultivated.
On the emotional an evenness of expression comes to the forefront.  Mood swings, strong displays of emotion, etc are all soothed out allowing an easy showing of emotions. Helps with relating and relationships with others.
On the physical depending on the root issues of the illness, disease or simple discomfort, a new state of being can be experienced.  When the physical is working in harmony  and ease of being can bring a profound joy of being on the planet.

This design also accelerates DNA/RNA repair and enhancements, brain activation, integrations of initiations, etc.
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  • Universal Being Design 4.5-9mm 18.5inch
    Universal Being Design 4.5-9mm 18.5inch
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