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Andara Crystal Quick Color Quide

A complete color description is given under individual items
but here is a quick reference guide to help narrow your search

This guide is extremely helpful in selecting from our offerings which are made of Andara beads.  The beads are made from larger pieces which we hand selected.
These larger pieces often have several colors within or variances of hues.
 Once we have the beads we then divide them into categories based on their color vibration.This may also help to understand why there are not large pieces of say red, deep red, red orange or orange.  These colors are often found all together in one piece and once they are made into beads a dominant color remains.

mental & emotional strength, removes obstacles, clarity, certainty, purpose, empowering, helps meet challenges

Aqua - Blue
release of guilt/blame/self pity, opens divine communication, truth, acceptance, soul connection, high heart

Bi-color aqua w/ brown
removes illusion, opens veil, anchors clarity & truth, sees through drama. overcomes addictions, merges divinity w/ humanity
Bi-color clear w/ brown
Integration, self love, zero point, removes fear/shame/grief/rejection, fuller life expression, embrace inner darkness

Bi-color green w/ brown
shows dis-harmonies within physical, shifts perceptions, multi level shield, courage, builds physical foundation, major transformer
Blue - Light Bright
Calming, overcoming obstacles, speaking truth, healthy relationships, full potential, removes cellular memories

Blue - Medium Bright
Protection, safety, caring, eases transitions, peace, true nature, embodiment of divine, connection to higher self

Blue - Dark Bright
Serenity, peace, self expression, communication, expansive,stillness, calms mind, releases stagnancy/stuck-ness, restores flow


Devotion, honesty, decision making, present NOW moment, balance, harmony, grace, ease, cultivates wisdom

Blue Violet (Royal)
Inspires determination, devotion, higher wisdom, integrity, karmic healing, unleashes personal greatness, expanded illumination

Safety, comfort, centering, grounding, amplifies courage, pain relief, home in the body
Brown running through another color
Antenna for change & higher energies, brings Deeper more profound change, Shifting of root issues/core issues/denied aspects/subconscious
Expansive, director of energies, sacredness, cosmic nature, master manifestor, universal understanding, multi-dimensionality, Divine light
Gold - Light
Mastery, compassion, wisdom, understanding, acceptance, now moment,calming, freedom

Healing on all levels, attracts abundance, self confidence, removes ancestral lines, restores natural state
Green - Deep
Inspiring, abundance, prosperity, success, creative magic, sacred knowledge, balanced relationships

Green - Light
Releases struggle, conflict, fear, expands consciousness, accelerates transformation, overcome addiction

Integrity, peaceful change, divine path guide, increases awareness, opens perspectives, releases judgment

Lavender (color changes to blue)

Highly spiritual, synchronicity, expands high consciousness, connects with source energy, Divine presence, nurturing, calm, peace

Lilac (light violet)
Transmutes worries/concerns, ignites love, helps to center, restores open perspective, removes brain fog, amplification of intent

kindness, joy, new beginnings, renews spirit, assimilate higher energies, jumpstarts optimism, recognize Divine in all
Cleans mental & emotional bodies, tool for self mastery, I AM presence, higher being connection, heart centering

Opalesence - Lavender
Purification, heart chakra, transmuting, removes what no longer serves, greater understanding, calm, love

Opalescence - Green
Higher realms, promotes neutrality, decalcifying pineal/pituitary, youthfulness, imagination, inspiration, healthy habits

Opalescence - Pink
Soft, loving, gentle, compassionate, mystical nurturing, removes inflexibility/need to be right/stubbornness

Supports creativity, gratitude, see without judgment, harmonizes gut, spontaneity, free expression, self respect, warm heartedness

Orange Red (bright orange)
Vitality, courage, clarity, empowerment, invigorates, motivates, daring, confidence, propels one along soul path

Vitality, power, focus, fulfill soul path, connects to realm of ascended masters, unity, love, upgrades consciousness, cosmic unity

Peach Pink
Heals trauma, inner child, joy, creativity, freedom, flow, restores sacredness, removes judgment

Purple - Light
Amplifies vision/insight/channeling, purifying, transmutes, dispels dense energies, alchemy, dimension support

Self realization, wisdom, knowing, reveals illusion, expands consciousness, clears central column (chakra column), restores power

Purple - Reddish (plum)
opens intuitive abilities, clears past patterns/traumas, clear auric field/chakras/entities/implants/cords, awakens higher perception, activation, acceleration

Spontaneity, empowering, transformation, grounding, deep balance, releases old patterns/beliefs, freedom

Red - Deep
Balances masculine/feminine, clears subconscious, restores warmth, brings sweetness, rewrites limiting “stories”

Wonderment, gratitude, appreciation, “phoenix" like energy, emotional release, removes grief/depression

Wonderment, gratitude, appreciation, “phoenix’ like energy, emotional release, removes grief/depression

Rose Gold (Dusty pink)
Balances duality, middle path, centering, releases stagnancy, eases challenges, objectivity, anchors heart centered-ness, clears wounds

Sage - (silver green)
Recognition of body as temple, core help, stability, removes denied aspects, soothing, calming, connection to earth/planet

Reflection, inner sanctuary, illuminating, mirror of self/soul, draws out negative energy, grace, eloquence, intuition builder

Silver - Deep
Insights from higher self, shadow work, unifies all parts, connects to elementals, magical, subconscious illumination

Higher cleansing,middle path, clarity, kindness,revitalizing, rejuvenating, release judgment, positivity

alleviates separateness, recharges spirit, emotional balance, calms nervous system, loving self, empathy, caring higher heart chakra

Violet (color changes to rich blue)
Intuition booster, meaning of life, amplifies inner voice, aligns with wisdom, balancing, harmonizing, live/speak truth, heals nervous system, St. Germain’s Violet Flame

Violet - Light (color changes to medium blue)
Higher purpose, recognizing personal truth, stimulates originality, creativity booster, brings love force to forefront, understanding, helps nervous system, St. Germain’s Violet Flame

Attracts light, cheerfulness, original thought, inquisitiveness, clears mind, strengthens awareness, helps to integrate

Yellow - Dark
Emotion/mental strength, breaks confines of time/space, clears hindrances, releases emotional charges/past life memories, organ cleaner, gland activator

Yellow - Golden
Merges heart & soul, balances will, stimulates, limitlessness, joyous, empowering, light body, Divine flow

Yellow - Green
Rebirth/re-evaluation, eases transformation, co-existence, allows inner child to play, lightness, live/be in the now, calms, supports, enjoyment

Message about the meaning of colors and what they symbolize in the heart of creation...