ॐ Tools for energy (vibrational) healing, meditation, transformation, self-realization and higher consciousness ॐ

Andara Crystal Quick Color Quide

A complete color description is given under individual items but here is a quick reference guide to help narrow your search

Please note:  We recently received some new colors which have not been added to this guide yet but will be soon.

Blue - Light Bright
Calming, overcoming obstacles, speaking truth, healthy relationships, full potential, removes cellular memories

Blue - Medium Bright
Protection, safety, caring, eases transitions, peace, true nature, embodiment of divine, connection to higher self

Blue - Dark Bright
Serenity, peace, self expression, communication, expansive,stillness, calms mind, releases stagnancy/stuck-ness, restores flow

Devotion, honesty, decision making, present NOW moment, balance, harmony, grace, ease, cultivates wisdom

Safety, comfort, centering, grounding, amplifies courage, pain relief, home in the body

Gold - Light
Mastery, compassion, wisdom, understanding, acceptance, now moment,calming, freedom

Green - Deep
Inspiring, abundance, prosperity, success, creative magic, sacred knowledge, balanced relationships

Green - Light
Releases struggle, conflict, fear, expands consciousness, accelerates transformation, overcome addiction

Integrity, peaceful change, divine path guide, increases awareness, opens perspectives, releases judgment

Lavender (color changes to blue)
Highly spiritual, synchronicity, expands high consciousness, connects with source energy, Divine presence, nurturing, calm, peace

Lavender Opalesence
Purification, heart chakra, transmuting, removes what no longer serves, greater understanding, calm, love

Cleans mental & emotional bodies, tool for self mastery, I AM presence, higher being connection, heart centering

Orange - Bright
Vitality, courage, clarity, empowerment, invigorates, motivates, daring, confidence, propels one along soul path

Peach Pink
Heals trauma, inner child, joy, creativity, freedom, flow, restores sacredness, removes judgment

Pink Opalescence
Soft, loving, gentle, compassionate, mystical nurturing, removes inflexibility/need to be right/stubbornness

Purple - Light
Amplifies vision/insight/channeling, purifying, transmutes, dispels dense energies, alchemy, dimension support

Self realization, wisdom, knowing, reveals illusion, expands consciousness, clears central column (chakra column), restores power

Spontaneity, empowering, transformation, grounding, deep balance, releases old patterns/beliefs, freedom

Red - Deep
Balances masculine/feminine, clears subconscious, restores warmth, brings sweetness, rewrites limiting “stories”

Wonderment, gratitude, appreciation, “phoenix" like energy, emotional release, removes grief/depression

Higher cleansing,middle path, clarity, kindness,revitalizing, rejuvenating, release judgment, positivity

Attracts light, cheerfulness, original thought, inquisitiveness, clears mind, strengthens awareness, helps to integrate

Yellow - golden
Merges heart & soul, balances will, stimulates, limitlessness, joyous, empowering, light body, Divine flow

Message about the meaning of colors and what they symbolize in the heart of creation...