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Tourmaline Properties

Multi tourmaline Therapeutic Necklaces are made up of various colors Tourmaline. Below are the individual descriptions of the various colors.



The Guardian of Blue Tourmaline explains...

Blue Tourmaline nourishes and supports the mental aspect to have a balanced interpretation of happenings.  The energies of this gem promote a heart connection while evaluating inputs.  This unique feature provides the user with a great benefit as it gears the thought process to be more in alignment with the inner.  Easily one's mental capabilities are increased as disharmonious non-supporting energies of the inner self are cleared.  A partnership is forged between heart and mind and efficient processing replaces chaotic thought patterns.

     Blue Tourmaline, through its energetic effect on the mind, releases the bonds of the judgmental mind.  In many, the analytical side of the brain is overused.  Every aspect of life is run through the analysis giving a distorted view leading to categorization of everything - judgment.  Blue Tourmaline regulates this aspect supporting not only the analytical side but the creative allowing for a truer non-judgmental evaluation to take place.  This, in turn, widens one's entire perception of the world and more opportunities and possibilities open up.

      Besides the mental benefits Blue Tourmaline offers, it also brings nourishment to specific areas of the physical.  The thyroid and thymus glands are given a boost from Blue Tourmaline.  Also the throat is soothed.  The energies saturate the brain but tend to focus on the nerves within especially the optic nerve.  Some even experience a benefit on the lungs as in general blue gemstones have healing effects on the breathing.

     Blue Tourmaline's major contribution though to humanity is the balancing of the mental.  It is important to have clarity but without balance and a heart connection one's expression lacks alignment to the inner self.  Blue Tourmaline supports one to have a fuller view and comprehension of life.


The Guardian of Light Blue Tourmaline explains...

Light Blue Tourmaline is an intense purifier for the head and throat.  Its energies promote a connection to the heart carrying a love vibration in its workings.  This love vibration dissolves the creations of the negative ego and promotes a connection to the heart based self.  The energetic effects of this are often felt physically as tingling while the higher frequencies enter the mind and throat.  These energies just continue the purification process enhancing one's clarity of thought and expression.

    Light Blue Tourmaline naturally enhances one's senses as the purification increases their function.  It's as if all the passageways within the head and throat receive a physical spring cleaning and everything is fresh, crisp and clear.  This renewal supports a new outlook and perspective supporting maintenance of higher frequency throughout the body/mind.

     Light Blue Tourmaline has great physical effects for many.  It clears the nasal and sinus passageways along with the breathing system.  It enhances hearing and eyesight.  It even supports the voice box and throat, enriching one's vocal expression.

     Light Blue Tourmaline promotes a sense of peace throughout.  The clarity gained with a heart connection from using these gems leads one to realize the simplicity of life.  It also helps one to amplify this frequency out, enhancing one's ability to teach by example.



The Guardian of Golden Tourmaline explains...

Honey Gold Tourmaline was difficult to find in the past and now, even though more on the rare side, it is a bit more readily available as humanity can really use the benefits of this gem.  It is a wonderful tool to stimulate spiritual development and amplify the energies which are coming to the planet to do this.  It brings in the Christ consciousness and self-realization energies which is the direction we are all going - to fully recognize the true self within the physical vehicle.  This gem prompts the god/goddess to emerge and be fully seen in day to day life.

   Communing with the higher is much easier when using this gem.  It helps to access the akashic records and with consistent use can help to hone and fine tune one’s own channeling abilities.

   Honey Gold Tourmaline helps to positively manifest the ego and promote compassion.  It eliminates ego conflicts and all the emotions tied to these conflicts while removing any other hindrances which are holding one back from reaching full potential.  Selfishness and self-centeredness are diminished as a more universal view is established in the being.

   On the physical, this gem is particularly good for the glands specifically the pituitary and pineal (which are often referred to as the glands of personal transformation).  Also, because of its rich honey color it can be a great tool for those who have difficulty with the Yellow Ray.


The Guardian of Green Tourmaline explains...

Green Tourmaline carries the male vibration.  It offers a strengthening of the male aspect within and a harmonizing of the male vibration output.  The male vibration has been expressed out of harmony with all the aspects for a great deal of time.  This has forced a grave imbalance of energy on Planet Earth as power and strength have been misused, creating an inequality between men and women.

     Men and women are simply different and cannot be compared by the same standards.  The natural vibration of the masculine and feminine create these differences.  Instead of enjoying the differences like one enjoys the difference of an apple and orange, comparisons were and are made creating separation and power struggles.

     Green Tourmaline restores harmony within the aspects (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) of especially men, creating an equality of expression that radiates out.  This is incredibly important for the males today.  A variety of imbalances occur in today's male as they struggle to express the vibrations within in a world of out of balance vibrations.  The stereotypes surrounding the male gender are limiting and more and more men are realizing they just don't fit the "mold".  Also the world's societal structures have been created to empower men while dis-empowering women.  This also doesn't suit the evolving male as a push for harmonization of the aspects has begun.

     Green Tourmaline assists a man to become his full potential by harmonizing and restoring balance of expression through all aspects.  A unification of the aspects occurs through the use of Green Tourmaline which creates profound effects.  Some general effects of this gem on the male aspects are: on the physical, strength is brought forth creating energy and power.  Green Tourmaline also works strongly on the male sexual organs restoring balance and correcting any disorders or disease (including things like prostate cancer or EDD).  On the emotional aspect it heightens one's awareness of the emotions and promotes a balanced expression not geared in the typical male emotions of aggression or anger.  On the mental level, Green Tourmaline helps to clarify the mind bringing a balanced approach to thought patterns and instigating a harmonious view.  On the spiritual level it further transforms the male expression to embody a universal awareness and approach to life.

     Green Tourmaline is available in a variety of color ranges which fall under the description of being therapeutic.  The initial focus of the gem depending on color will vary and the intensity of working on the different aspects may be different but with time the underlying effect of Green Tourmaline in harmonizing the male aspects will occur.  Here are some very general guidelines on color uses.  Don't hesitate to consult with Virendra as he has worked intensively with this gem and has a deep knowledge of its awakenings.

     Light Green/Yellowish - powerful worker on the male sexual organs and can benefit males going through puberty.

     Dark Green - initially focuses on physical aspect bringing that aspect in alignment with the others first to set the foundation for further growth.  This color is also generally chosen by those who mainly have an athletic focus.

     Chrome Green - Simultaneously works on all aspects and brings about the fastest overall benefits and transformation to the male vibration.

     Green Tourmaline and women in general terms are not in harmony.  The women of today already have overdeveloped the male vibration in order to be more at ease in the male dominated society structure offsetting their own vibration and Green Tourmaline would only do this further.  There are cases though where women desire to bring forth their "male" physical strength and for limited times many experience a benefit.  The key here is following your own guidance, as the Green Tourmaline in general will simply perpetuate the imbalance of the feminine vibration.


The Guardian of Indigo Tourmaline explains...

Indigo Tourmaline has a strong effect in developing one's intuition and enhances the brow chakra also known as the third eye.  It's energies strongly focus in the head area specifically effecting the brain and eyes.  For many this gem brings much insight into one's being as it produces a stronger connection to the higher self.  It enhances the innate mystical quality everyone possesses as a new clarity and knowing is experienced in the mental aspect.

     Indigo Tourmaline enhances one's ability to see energetically.  This manifests in different forms.  Some experience visions, others see colors that the field (aura) emits, while others actually see energy fields of people and things and how they interact with one another.  The main benefit of any kind of energetic sight is to see and begin to understand that everything is energy which is closely intertwined.  When energies are based in the heart, peace and harmony exist.  When energies are mind produced, they become sharp and even hurtful.  When this approach is taken to understand one's own energetic sight, an even stronger connection to the higher self is created.  It is a gift all possess and when it's brought forth and used with heart based intent, one is actually providing service to one's self and the world.

     Indigo Tourmaline has strong effects on the physical skeletal system.  Indigo gemstones in general have an affinity to joints, ligaments, etc.  But, due to the nature of Tourmaline and in particular Indigo Tourmaline, this gem has a strong effect on the spine.  It strengthens one's own support for the being, improving posture and even flexibility.  This spine alignment in turn assists the chakra column creating a physically uninhibited pathway for higher frequencies to enter.

     Indigo Tourmaline supports one in reaching greater depth in meditation.  It turns one's focus strongly inward, to the sea of limitlessness.  For beginning meditators, it easily shown the path in for profound peace and insight.  For one's who often meditate, it unhooks the ties of thoughts promoting no mind.


The Guardian of Orange Tourmaline explains...

Orange Tourmaline brings forth one's creativity not only through using the intuitive side of the brain but through the cleansing of the core of the being.  Everyone has creativity and it can be expressed in many ways.  It is not just artistic in nature but it is a drive to do things from a heart base and inspire feeling and spontaneity - to create things with feeling.

     Orange Tourmaline assists in regulating the intuitive side of the brain.  It helps to keep it in alignment with the analytical side.  Many are "use to" functioning strictly from the analytical side that when more input is given from the creative, ideas flow, perspectives widen and one becomes more aware of the limitlessness of life.

     Orange Tourmaline assists in creating an emotional balance.  Emotions were designed to be expressions in different situations.  Each situation is unique following the energetic flow down whichever emotional path it chooses (anger, happiness, sadness, etc.).  Society or surroundings tend to control or hinder this expression promoting conformity.  Orange Tourmaline helps to release the energetic "build up" created by denial of expression, restoring the natural flow.  Without this release every situation tends to get the same response since the "build up" pulls and alters the spontaneous reaction.

     Orange Tourmaline also provides balance in the internal creative force of sexuality.  Sexual energy is simply a drive to recreate the species.  As time has passed and the analytical mind has created stronger influences, the role of sex has become much more complicated.  Emotions and rules have forced one's sexual nature to fit into a box and this constriction creates imbalances.  Orange Tourmaline rebalances this force within helping to clear issues surrounding it along with physical manifestations of imbalance in the organs themselves.

     Orange Tourmaline also has soothing effects on the stomach and can help regulate imbalances which cause upset such as diarrhea, constipation, etc.



The Guardian of Pink Tourmaline explains...

Pink Tourmaline is a gem containing the feminine vibration. When worn (or used) it offers a renewing of one's feminine within (men) or a refreshing of one's feminine output (women). 

   The role of the feminine vibration has been greatly distorted on planet Earth due to the fact that it is mainly based on unconscious love.  Pink Tourmaline assists in restoring this vibration within one's being so it will in turn be restored consciously on the planet.

     Due to the distortion of the feminine vibration, many women experience difficulties with their natural feminine nature.  These difficulties are most commonly seen on the emotional and physical levels.

     On the emotional level women question their role and allow the treatment of the feminine vibration on Earth to show the answer.  This leads to a grave misinterpretation and women concede that their power and worth are below their actual standing (self-worth issues and victim-consciousness).  Pink Tourmaline can assist one to experience the feminine vibration first hand and inspire it to come forth in its pure form via one's own feminine spirit.  This process originally based in the emotions can also enhance one's spiritual experience by freeing the feminine spirit within, bringing one closer to one's true being.

     On a physical level Pink Tourmaline offers healing energies to the sexual organs.  The distorted view of the feminine vibration has directly affected the entire internal feminine cycle and has thrown it off course within many.

    This has manifested mainly in 4 ways.

  1. The monthly women's cycle has turned from a joyous ritual of vitality to an inconvenient pain.
  2. The birthing process has gone from a peaceful introduction into Earth life to an instant separation and fear laden event.
  3. The evolutional process of one's organs from birthing life to birthing knowledge/wisdom has been halted completely (through the removal of one's key organ - hysterectomy).
  4. The most prominent physical attribute of femininity, the breast, has become saturated with disease.

  Pink Tourmaline can be used to effect all these situations.  It restores a balance within the sexual organs to experience the natural flow and ease of how things were designed.

    It is a gem that can assist one with any discomfort surrounding one's monthly cycle.  It can connect one to the natural way of birthing and restore a joyous experience of it.

    It can supply the needed aspects of maintaining the feminine organs, healing abnormalities and cancer or encourage the natural fertile nature one possesses.

      Pink Tourmaline is found in a range from light to dark pink.  All support the feminine spirit/vibration but based on color choice, aspects of this gem can be stronger or weaker.  The colors can be related to the life of a woman to understand the working.

     Light Pink is great for the young or young at heart It transfers a sweet loving energy which warms the heart (like a child) and brings this warmth out in women.

     Medium Pink can be related to a blossoming woman.  Great for enhancing fertility and providing nourishment to the organs.

     Dark (deep) Pink is the woman.  It offers the strongest effect of the feminine vibration plus all aspects of Pink Tourmaline.  It is also great for menopause as it's "mature" color relates well to the "mature" woman.

     (There are variations between these colors and the above was provided to give a general idea of the aspects each shade gives)

     Pink Tourmaline, just as a mother has for its child, possesses a protective nature.  This protective nature can be felt/ experienced as a field around one's body.  This field can be of great assistance against unnatural inputs such as negative thought forms, artificial lighting, electronics, etc.  The medium to dark shades of Pink Tourmaline offer this aspect the best and in general the deeper the shade the stronger the protection.

     Pink Tourmaline is also a gem for men. Not only are the protection aspects beneficial but it creates the balance for the male aspect.  Everyone has both feminine and masculine attributes.  Depending on which sex one plays in this life, these attributes are either within or visible/without.  If one is in harmony with both aspects, relations of all kinds are easy and harmonious.  Pink Tourmaline offers an easy way for men to balance their feminine aspect.

     Pink Tourmaline allows for men to get a better understanding of the feminine vibration as a whole.  This understanding can affect the consciousness of all men and starts to correct the perception of the feminine vibration. Aligned and stronger men will emerge with the use of this gem that will be willing to develop and experience equality with women.

 Pink Tourmaline is an important gem for the wellbeing of the feminine vibration found not only in oneself but all over the planet.


The Guardian of Purple Tourmaline explains...

     Purple Tourmaline directly engages the crown chakra opening one to higher frequencies. Many experience this with a physical "tingling" on the head and as the energies of this gem saturate the aura and physical body the "tingling" spreads.  What are actually being experienced are activations which translate as an increase of energies often electrical in nature.  These impulses/activations promote a higher frequency to be held and a protective shield is formed.

     This shield is quite different in nature from the shield its sister Pink Tourmaline offers.  It is much stronger in nature and can even protect one from EMF but due to the strength of it, it is recommended to only wear in small amounts and for shorter periods of time.

     The benefits of Purple Tourmaline can be tremendous.  Its energies uniquely affected the brain accelerating its functionality.  Most can even "see" the brain working faster and "feel" impulses moving through.  Purple Tourmaline allows one to process inputs easier and more efficiently increasing one's understanding and accelerating mental capabilities.  It can be easily used to enhance the senses and improve skills such as psychic abilities.

     Purple Tourmaline also promotes a connection to the beyond.  If used in meditation it can facilitate a better recall of the experience and provide profound insights to the state of one's being.  It is an accelerator for transformation.


The Guardian of Yellow Tourmaline explains...

Yellow Tourmaline is a high frequency gem carrying a strong input of the yellow ray with it.  This gem brings higher frequencies into one's body/system. It uplifts the overall vibration. It has a strong purifying effect that can be felt throughout.

     On the physical level Yellow Tourmaline targets the endocrine system.  It activates the pineal and pituitary glands which in turn affect the 3rd eye and crown chakras.  Creativity is enhanced along with one's inner sight and hearing.  It also has a strong effect on the overall brain and can be used to treat bi-polar issues (epilepsy) and even brain cancer.

     Yellow Tourmaline also assists in cleansing the liver, spleen and kidneys.  If serious issues exist with the liver, then placing this gem over the organ will focus the energy needed to assist in healing.  It can be a great tool for cirrhosis of the liver or an aid in liver cleanses.

     Yellow Tourmaline's energy is impersonal due to the connection to the higher realms.  But if used consciously (during meditation) one is able to access insights to personal traits, problems and issues.  When used in this manner it is recommended to frequently "check -in" and monitor usage time.

     Yellow Tourmaline can also be used as a tool to increase one's light (light quotient builder).  Its natural purifying effects create the space for more light to enter.  It also will initiate detoxification throughout the body as needed.  It allows the body to experience a "spring cleaning" any time of year.

   Yellow Tourmaline is a powerful gem opening doors to further expansion.