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Aquamarine Gem Therapy Ring - Tools4transformation

Aquamarine Gem Healing Ring

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17.3ct @ $9.00/ct

Ring is shown next to a US dime coin which is 18mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

The Guardian of Blue Aquamarine explains...
Aquamarine is a gem that brings one's pure essence (true self, higher self) to the surface. This is a very important task which is much needed on planet Earth today. As a result of society and its rules to conform, many have buried their pure essence under layers and layers of "stories". The stories have been in place for so long that they are believed as fact with no idea of the nature of the pure essence within. 
Aquamarine pushes the stories aside revealing the pure essence. Aquamarine effects can be strong for some depending on how many stories exist.

Society has created a belief that protection and preparedness are crucial to be safe.  Even the idea of being safe is misguided and has been used to regain control over spontaneous free-spirited people. Aquamarine shows that it is "safe" to reveal the pure essence and to stop perpetuating one's personal illusions.

The process aquamarine initiates and facilitates is very freeing for one's spirit and creativity. Without the need to maintain and conform - an abundance of energy is made available. The pure essence is eternally young and being in alignment with it can only bring a youthening effect. The idea of "getting
old" and "aging" is also an aspect of life that has been manipulated on Planet Earth. The power currently exists to live fully to 120-130 years instead of the average 70-80 years. People choose to age themselves by conforming. A movement and increased awareness are being shown through the influx of
anti-aging products available. None of this is needed if one returns to the alignment with the pure essence.

Aquamarine reinstates the alignment. The effects of Aquamarine touch all aspects of the being. This gem actually unifies the aspects with the pure essence strengthening the commonality - "you". When one is in alignment there is a peace and calm of being, gratitude for and wonderment of life exists. There is no place for anger, jealousy, etc. because they all originate from an imbalance or lack.

On a physical level, Aquamarine's energy gravitates towards the head and throat area. Because of this concentration of energy here, many feel benefits in the jaws and teeth. This gem also strengthens eyesight and with use can improve vision. It can be used for sore throats and to relieve the swelling of
the throat lymph nodes and tonsils. It assists in the balancing of the thyroid and thymus glands. Aquamarine creates a new lease on life by unveiling the pure essence.

This gem diminishes the need for drama which is naturally replaced with awe for life and existence. Aquamarine will help one rediscover the harmony and satisfaction in being who you are.