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Aquamarine Green Gem Healing Ring

Aquamarine Green Gem Healing Ring

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6.25ct @ $7.00/ct

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

The Guardian of Green Aquamarine explains...

Green Aquamarine is a gem which restores balance and harmony throughout all the bodies. Not only does it strengthens the connection of heart and mind, along with aligning to the higher self, but translates this connection solidly to the physical.  One's decisions and actions relating to the physical are in alignment with the higher self.  For instance, the desire for exercise and outdoor activity is heightened if that is what is needed (to restore the balance of the physical) or cravings for whole foods rather than preservative filled choices, etc.  It basically instigates energies that drive one to better choices regarding the physical which in turn brings the physical aspect more in alignment with the other aspects.

     Green Aquamarine also connects to higher frequencies/vibrations which accelerate heightening of the overall frequency/vibration of the physical.  These higher energies promote a cleansing and purifying that supports the alignment with the higher self.  The more in alignment, the easier life flows.  If life is lived through one's heart center everything takes on an element of peace and the struggle and pain that is often experienced falls away.  Green Aquamarine's energies support one to reach this state.

    Green Aquamarine brings a spiritual touch to the physical, mental and emotional.  It melds the aspects in such a way that one's expression becomes evenly balanced and divine.  This melding of the aspects forms a type of protection for the physical which naturally repels illness and disease.  The physical frequency is raised above the "normal" state, in which illness/disease thrive, creating a preventative field against it.  It is a great tool to use especially now on planet Earth as the "new body" is emerging into existence.