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Citrine Gem Healing Ring

Citrine Gem Healing Ring

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Extraordinary plus plus
8.1mm - 8.8mm
29.50ct @ $3.50/ct

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

Some of the benefits of Citrine
- dispels/dissipates negative energy
- brings a warm energy which promotes joy and optimism
- wards off depression, stress and reduces anger
- helps one to adjust to changes and adapt
-eliminates fears
-supports connection to personal power
-brings clarity and creativity
- aids in getting a restful sleep

The Guardian of Citrine explains...

 Citrine clears or creates the path for more light to enter into one's systems/bodies. Light is an important element in living as the true being.  With light, there is nothing or nowhere to hide - one is only able to be.  Therefore, the more light one holds, the closer one is to one's true being.     

Citrine in itself is not a high-frequency gem but creates the pathway for higher frequencies to enter. This is done simply by Citrine as it focuses its energies on any imbalances which are blocking the flow of more light. Citrine also adds a strengthening aspect to one's systems/bodies to hold more light.  This gem is of great use to create a strong foundation to work with higher frequencies or to lay the path to begin doing so.     

One can mainly experience Citrine's effects on the physical level through the senses. The cleansing and additional light allow one's senses to be heightened. They are extensions to one's true being and the closer one is to one's true being the more the senses naturally evolve. Many people experience Citrine's effects on the organs, especially those whose functions are elimination (such as stomach, and intestines), detoxification (liver and spleen) and regulation (pancreas). Citrine's cleansing assists in the natural role of these organs and allows them to function at the peak of capability. Citrine is a natural choice to support for example liver or colon cleanses. One will experience deepened effects reaching beyond the physical level.  With time Citrine's energies will increase vitality and renew one's being.     

It should be noted that to ease the occasional strong physical effects of this gem (like headaches) it is recommended to drink water (to flush out) and exercise (to move out). This will offer a way in which to dispose of that which is clearing out and enhance one's overall "good" feeling.