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Coral - Red (Italian) Gem Healing Ring

Coral - Red (Italian) Gem Healing Ring

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Extraordinary plus plus
4.6mm - 4.8mm
10.20ct @ $7.25/ct

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

Red Coral
The Guardian of Red Coral explains...
Red Coral offers a powerful boost to the physical body/system.
Its energies give a unique fortification which strengthens down to the core of one's being. It is an all-around revitalizer - transforming the physical to an efficient specimen of nature. 
How does it do this? One might ask as Sia did. Coral has a natural affinity to the human physical structure due to the fact that it's largely made up of water (in very general terms).   
Red Coral, in particular, has the strongest physical effect providing healing within many of the body's systems. First, it supports the skeletal system strengthening bones and ligaments. Simultaneously it nourishes the muscular system through the enrichment of the blood.
One experiences increased flexibility and strength.
The blood enrichment is due to enhanced processing capabilities of nutrients. 
Red Coral facilitates the clearing of any physical blocks within one's system hindering its optimal functioning. It should be confirmed here that Red Coral is ideal for pregnant women!  Because of its natural processes within one's body, it guarantees that the fetus is receiving optimal levels of nutrients for its development.     
Due to the high identification level with the body - Red Coral allows for a door to be opened to other levels. If the physical body feels good/empowered, one tends to feel good emotionally and mentally. The good feeling transcends all levels with time and one's being is strengthened and uplifted. Confidence is enhanced and power from within is experienced.     
Red Coral is excellent for those who lack physical strength or lack a strong foundation for one's being.  It reawakens and calls forth the inner strength each possesses.