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Indigo Tara Essence
Indigo Tara Essence
Indigo Tara Essence

Indigo Tara Essence

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Indigo Tara Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
Enters through the intuition - a deeper connected state of the mind.  
Works on establishing better / higher intuition and channeling abilities.  
This is where the "individual mind" become one again with the "higher mind".  
"KNOW THYSELF" and all the connections can be looked in once more again.  
Question of what is life and what is the soul can be answered
from the deeper oneness with the Source itself.  
Why am I here? Who am I? are questions which lose their substantiality by becoming more
and more selfless SELF again.  
The silence goes as deep until there is not even a noticing of silence left.  
It might lead beyond any idea of identity which is not needed in the depth of absolute Oneness.
What do we need words or thought if we are externally alone in Oneness.
If there are no thoughts, then naturally there is no fear, no desire, no wanting, no regret, no nothing.  
All just is as it is.
In a state of pure emptiness, anything can be perceived if it is needed out of itself.  
Any information is available. 
The future, past, and present are all right here and now.  
Nothing there to be added and nothing there to be taken away.  
All is as it is.  
All reveals itself if needed.
I guess this is what is called the Akashic Records into which one can enter if entering is meant to be/happen.
The feminine indigo is very much home.
Liquid gems are available in several sizes including refill bottles
select from the pull down menu your desired bottle type and size

3-5 times a day 7 drops (under the tongue) or
2 sprayer squirts (under the tongue) for healing purposes
and/or 12 drops (under the tongue) or
3 sprayer squirts (under the tongue) before meditation

For Liquids & Sprays:
Give as much time as possible after intake to sit or stand
with closed eyes to feel consciously their vibration unfold

Additional Uses for all liquids and sprays:
Apply directly to pulse points
Apply to acupressure and/or chakra points
Add to massage oils
Add to oil burners
Add to an atomizer or atomizer to add to the air
Add to paint or pottery or other art elements
to infuse the vibration within