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Kunzite Therapeutic Pendant Pink (Light) 31.4ct
Kunzite Therapeutic Pendant Pink (Light) 31.4ct
Kunzite Therapeutic Pendant Pink (Light) 31.4ct
Kunzite Therapeutic Pendant Pink (Light) 31.4ct

Kunzite Therapeutic Pendant Pink (Light) 31.4ct

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Kunzite Therapeutic Pendant
Wonderful gem generator radiating strong love force

This pendant is Light Pink
31.4 ct fancy bead on 5mm 14kt gold ring

Pendant is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm
Photos show pendant on 14kt gold Locket Bail
which can be purchased separately HERE
Kunzite is the best-known variety of spodumene.
It is strongly pleochroic, meaning there is a color intensity variation
when it is viewed from different directions.
Please note - the pleochroic aspect makes it challenging to photograph.
You can rely on the color description given
even though the photos might not show.

Some of the benefits of Kunzite
- Kunzite creates peace and serenity within the chaos of life
- It creates a high capacity to gain wisdom and understanding
- Kunzite helps to restore and build trust on all levels
- It connects the heart and mind along with providing grounding and a
sense of centered-ness
- Kunzite gives great relief from sadness, worries and anxieties of all types
- It helps restore balance and harmony even on the physical levels providing
natural hormonal and metabolic balance
- Kunzite removes the obstacles and challenges in all types of relationships
- It can attract the love of your life / perfect partner

For the purpose of our tune ins and expressing the properties of the gems - we are going to use the term Kunzite for all the colors.  Kunzite is the name given to the pink and purple variety of Spodemene.  Whereas Hiddenite is the name given to the yellow-green Spodemene.  For simplicity sake we will use Kunzite for white, yellow, pink, purple, green and blue.
     Kunzite will fade in color with the exposure to sun.  It is a plethoric gem - meaning it will display different intensity of color depending on how you turn it.  Often pieces will display either bi-colors or tri-colors depending on the size and whether if in rough, polished form or beads. If multiple colors are shown within a piece - all properties of the colors apply.

The Guardian of Pink Kunzite explains...
      Pink Kunzite instantly raises one’s vibration through the most powerful force - love.  It guides and helps love to penetrate all aspects of the being bringing with it a deep purification that only unconditional love can offer.  It not only activates and aligns the heart chakra but harmonizes the center chakra with the rest of the column to fortify the flow - the love flow - through out the being.
     Working with or wearing pink Kunzite helps to have every action we take in life be done with love.  Love requires presence of being, focus on the moment at hand and when things are done with love we are one with the moment - in the state which we are designed to be.
     Regardless of what state of love one is experiencing this gem enhances it making it fuller, richer and more powerful.  So it will increase self-love, enhance and amplify love for all others and things.  It touches the base of the being and is a catalyst for peace, loving thoughts and loving expression.
     It also helps to remove obstacles along one’s path and more specifically removes energy blocks within the bodies and systems.  On the physical it can strengthen the heart and surrounding areas.