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Labradorite + Moonstone - Blue Flash Gem Healing Ring

Labradorite + Moonstone - Blue Flash Gem Healing Ring

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6.75ct Labradorite
5.95ct Blue Flash Moonstone

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured

Some of the benefits of Labradorite
- Labradorite aids us in self awareness and communicating
with our highest self and with Source.
- It stimulates and expands psychic abilities and intuition
- Labradorite fortifies the will and a feeling of self worth,
supporting your perseverance and purpose
- It strengthens and protects our aura, clears negativity from it
and seals it to prevent energy links
-Labradorite an help you connect to your subconscious
where you can gain knowledge about yourself and the world around you
- It calms your mind and fuels your imagination which leads
to new ideas and insights
- Labradorite can cut the binds of illusion - not just those of others,
but the ones you have yourself -  cultivating positive change
- It works strongly with the throat, third eye and crown chakras
along with the Soul star Chakra
- Physically Labradorite can help with pain, metabolism, digestion,
blood pressure, arthritis, respiratory problems,
colds & bronchitis and lung disorders

The Guardian of Labradorite explains...
 Labradorite serves as a gateway to other dimensions and frequencies while offering grounding "thread" for one's comfort. It is a mystical gem that is activated when worn (or used) easily opening a multitude of possibilities to explore. These personal explorations allow fully knowing one's self and the experiences are integrated into daily life with ease.     

Labradorite breaks the misconception that one is only the body and therefore expands the mind. The manner in which this is conveyed is uplifting to the spirit and great motivation can be obtained. A clear picture of the Universe and one's role within it can be easily accessed. One is naturally drawn to improve the self and way of being.     

On a physical level Labradorite stimulates the brain and its function. It also assists in regulating the metabolism and digestion. The uplifting energy of this gem lifts depression and relieves anxieties and stress. Other secondary physical effects can be experienced due to the influx of energy within one's systems. The energies tend to run through the nervous system improving circulation and raising one's overall vibration. It helps to relieve blockages. The chakra system is also improved restoring balance and activating the function.     

Labradorite is a powerful gem opening the unlimitedness of one's being and supporting any integration needed on all levels. It truly promotes one to be a "better" being and therefore to experience a "better" life.

Some of the benefits of Blue flash Moonstone
-Blue Flash Moonstone brings a profound sense of deep awareness and
recognition of your destiny or calling
- It helps to feel confidence and serenity within your life
- Blue Flash moonstone calms the physical mind from "chatter",
allowing one to "BE"
- It harmonizes emotional and spiritual energies especially in times of
change or challenge
- Blue Flash Moonstone opens one up to increased synchronicity that us
unseen beyond the daily routine
- It increases patience and allowing for the newly seen and found
synchronicities to flow and unfold in life without hindrance
- Blue Flash Moonstone intensifies the Divine Feminine energies and brings balance to the masculine - feminine vibrations within
- It heightens psychic abilities and inspires creative abilities along with
freedom of expression on all levels
- Blue Flash Moonstone removes negative thought(s) along with trauma
and depression opening the doorway to heartfelt joy
- It can be used to help with insomnia
- Blue Flash Moonstone can aid in getting the most out of what you eat
enhancing nutrient absorption and removal of toxins from the body
-It eases digestive issues and balances the electrolytes to avoid bloating and fluid retention

The Guardian of Blue Flash Moonstone explains...
 In describing Rainbow Blue Moonstone I would like to choose the word mystical. If one examines this gem closely, one will find that it is pure clear/white with flashes of blue and sometimes yellow. The way it looks gives great insight to its workings which include high purity, clarity, and activation. Rainbow Blue Moonstone connects to the higher realms easily integrating the higher frequencies within the body/system. It instantly creates balance with the intake (of the higher frequencies) making the integration as simple as eating.

These higher frequencies enhance one's intuition, creativity, and senses (including inner hearing and sight). Rainbow Blue Moonstone surrounds one entirely in peace. One's vibration is raised that a new level of living or experiences of life occurs naturally. The mind, emotions, and body are balanced.

With blue Rainbow Moonstone worn, one sinks into a state of calm and the stresses of the world drop away. Profound effects of this can be experienced if this gem is used in meditation. Rainbow Blue Moonstone has many physical benefits for the wearer (or user) that are easily seen in the head and throat. It clears the sinuses relieving pressure and easing headaches. It soothes the throat and facilitates creative expression. It slightly activates the brain but in particular, its energies target the pineal and pituitary glands. It eases breathing and it is confirmed that it strengthens the teeth. 
The healing energies of this gem can also be experienced in the lower part of the body. In particular, it offers a strong soothing effect to the stomach relieving any emotionally caused discomfort (including ulcers, acid reflux, etc.).

Overall Rainbow Blue Moonstone offers a peaceful balance within so one may become a peaceful one without. Please note that the Blue Rainbow Moonstone is actually White Labradorite. We still carry it under Blue Rainbow Moonstone because mostly it is known that way.