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Malachite + Emerald Gem Healing Ring

Malachite + Emerald Gem Healing Ring

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3.57g Malachite
0.80ct Emerald 

draws in green ray of healing, detects and dissolves disharmonies on the physical aspect, highly restorative, aids with swelling/joint pain/injuries, DNA worker, physical body transformer

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured


More info on Malachite & Emerald

The Guardian of Malachite explains...

Malachite is a powerful healing gem which detects disharmonies within the physical aspect. Once the disharmony has been located this gem gives insight(s) to the wearer (or user) on how all the aspects have interacted to create it and therefore what needs to happen to change it. Malachite works in partnership with the body and it's systems to bring whatever is needed to correct the disharmonies.     

Malachite can return one to an original state of perfect health but the time it takes varies since each being has its own unique set of disharmonies. Some of the common areas Malachite assists with are the heart, lungs, and organs. This gem' energies are restorative so it simply saturates the area and returns it to its proper functioning state. For example, if the lungs have built-up mucus, the mucus will be discharged. If an organ has a growth (tumor) it will bring energy there to dissolve it, etc. At the same time, it heightens the awareness of the wearer (or user) as to why these situations have occurred to create a complete healing process from all aspects.     

Malachite's restorative nature also works well on muscles and bones. It can be used to assist in any injury like torn or strained ligaments, broken bones, etc.  With time it will also increase one's overall flexibility of movement as it restores the cohesive functioning of the limbs. This is a great help for those with arthritis, joint swelling, pain or stiffness.     

Malachite can also serve as a tool for those who have reached a plateau in their physical. For example, if one has changed the diet, adjusted exercise, etc. and still isn't reaching the state of health desired this gem can easily give insight or even a direct path on how to move forward towards the picture of health. This gem can give benefits to weight loss and following a weight loss program.     

Malachite with continued use will benefit the immune system and even one's DNA.
It will restore, to the deepest level possible the longer it is worn, one's physical being to its ultimate working state.

The Guardian of Emerald explains...
Emerald is the carrier of the Green Ray which is known as the "Healing Ray".
The purpose of Emerald is manifold on planet Earth but one of its main uses is to remove disruptive energies in the physical. 
Illness and disease are results of disharmonious energy in other aspects manifesting themselves in the physical. Emerald aggressively uses its power to dissolve the disruptive energy in the physical, relieving one of illness and disease. As one continues to wear (or use) Emerald the disharmonious energy in the other aspects are addressed.
The energy of Emerald is quite powerful. This is needed to overcome the disruptive energies which have formed into what are commonly called illness or disease (such as cancer). It offers a quick effect in the physical (relatively) and is supported by the willingness of the user to heal.
Emerald is not only for those who are dealing with an illness or disease. It can be used as a preventative "medicine" for the body, removing whatever disruptive energy exists before it has developed into a "formal" illness/disease. It provides the physical with uplifting energy and creates a state of perfect health.
The energy of Emerald easily enters the emotional and mental aspects.
It also works to remove disruptive energies in these parts affecting one's overall state of mind and heart. This is another way Emerald works as a preventative "medicine" as most physical disharmonies originate in another aspect.
Emerald is a tool to transform one's entire being.
The physical vehicle is on the brink of an evolutionary step and Emerald offers the energy to accelerate this process within everybody. The body simply can be more efficient and can integrate new frequencies/ energies/vibrations in a manner that is not disturbing or uncomfortable. If one's physical aspect is maintaining a higher vibration then the other aspects can also expand and heighten their vibration unveiling a whole new way of being.
Emerald helps create the "upgraded" physical vehicle, opening limitless doors of expansion.
Much has been written about the uses of Emerald for healing cancer. The specific suggestions listed in Virendra's explanation, I, the Gemstone Guardian Spirit of Emerald confirm and would recommend him as a source for consulting with to formulate a gemstone treatment plan against cancer or any other issue(s).
I chose to focus on a wider spectrum of effects Emerald has in these few words to alert people of the "new" physical vehicle that is emerging and the crucial role Emerald can have in accelerating this.