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Mookaite EO++ 8+mm 25inch

Mookaite EO++ 8+mm 25inch

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Mookaite Therapeutic Necklace

Extraordinary Plus Plus
25" endless/no lock
52.38g @ $1.50/g
Actual necklace shown in photos
only one available

Mookaite (Jasper) is found only in the Kennedy Ranges of Western Australia in outcroppings near Mooka Creek, the area for which it is named. The Aboriginal term “Mooka” means “running waters” and refers to the numerous springs that feed into this area. Mookaite was formed as the skeletal remains of radiolaria, microscopic protozoa with a hard silica shell, were deposited over millennia as sediment in shallow areas of sea beds. As waters receded, the remains were solidified by additional silica carried in groundwater, along with minerals that produced its beautiful combinations of red, burgundy, mustard-yellow, cream, white, brown, mauve and purple.

Some of the benefits of Mookaite
-calms worries and fears
-helps to see you are stronger than you think you are
-alleviates loneliness and sadness
-uplifting and positive
-nurturing & supportive
-helps with laziness & procrastination
-removes unwanted influences & distractions
-boosts immune system
-helps organs, digestive system, kidney, bladder
-blood purification, regulating pressure

The Guardian of Mookaite explains...
Mookaite (Jasper) helps to delve into the holding areas of stuck energies within the
midsection of the body (1st, 2nd & 3rd chakras). It soothes and softens tensions and
stress held which releases the stored energies naturally.

For women this gem has a good impact as it restores balance in the womb, ovaries,
etc. Much of a women's functioning is related to the state of the 1-3 chakras areas.  
A woman's creativity blossoms when using Mookaite and a greater connection to
the natural nurturing ability she possesses is forged.  It can be used to maintain a
healthy sense of self-worth and promote a balanced expression.

Mookaite cultivates patience and understanding.  It is a good tool to be used by
parents in situations where there is no understanding of what's happening with
one's child(ren).  Instead of reacting from the frustration, Mookaite helps to slow
down and focus on the child(ren) with love which opens the path to understanding.
Mookaite promotes positivity.  It switches the focus to a greater understanding of
the "big picture".  Many even experience this gem as a shield from negativity
because of the new outlook it promotes within.

On a physical level, Mookaite can be used by women to ease dis-harmonies
experienced through their feminine cycle such as hot flashes, cramps, bloating and
especially irritability.

How to keep your necklace clean
Our preferred method of cleansing for the necklaces is using the Purple Positive Energy Plate. This plate not only cleanses but enlivens the gems to their optimal functioning.

More importantly - it is easy. You place the gems on the plate overnight and you have a newly energized necklace - ready to bring the utmost benefit to you. There is no concern of which gem can tolerate sunlight, which one can be in the water and which one can survive salt. All gems can be placed on the plate and be cleansed.

We offer Purple positive Energy Plates in two sizes - 
small 4.5" x 2.75" 
large 12" x 12" 
We also offer a cleaning kit which includes a small purple plate and a cleaning brush.