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Moonstone - Blue Flash Chakra Healing Set
Moonstone - Blue Flash Chakra Healing Set

Moonstone - Blue Flash Chakra Healing Set

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Blue Flash moonstone Healing Chakra Set

You will receive the set pictured
EO++ 76.85ct
shown next to a US Quarter which is 24mm

How to use
Place one piece on each chakra while lying down.
For the seventh chakra / crown, place the piece just above the head.  

The time frame is up to you.  
It is recommended between 20-60 minutes.
Use soft and uplifting back ground music if you like.  
The pieces can also be used individually for specialized placements and focus



The Guardian of Blue Flash Moonstone explains...

In describing Blue Flash Moonstone I would like to choose the word mystical.  If one examines this gem closely, one will find that it is pure clear/white with flashes of blue and sometimes yellow.  The way it looks gives great insight to its workings which include a high purity, clarity and activation.

     Blue Flash Moonstone connects to the higher realms easily integrating the higher frequencies within the body/system.  It instantly creates balance with the intake (of the higher frequencies) making the integration as simple as eating.  These higher frequencies enhance one's intuition, creativity and senses (including inner hearing and sight).

     Blue Flash Moonstone surrounds one entirely in peace.  One's vibration is raised that a new level of living or experiences of life occurs naturally.  The mind, emotions and body are balanced. With blue Rainbow Moonstone worn, one sinks into a state of calm and the stresses of the world drop away.  Profound effects of this can be experienced if this gem is used in meditation.

    Blue Flash Moonstone has many physical benefits for the wearer (or user) that are easily seen in the head and throat.  It clears the sinuses relieving pressure and easing headaches.  It soothes the throat and facilitates creative expression.  It slightly activates the brain but in particular its energies target the pineal and pituitary glands.  It eases breathing and it is confirmed that it strengthens the teeth.

     The healing energies of this gem can also be experienced in the lower part of the body.  In particular it offers a strong soothing effect to the stomach relieving any emotionally caused discomfort (including ulcers, acid reflux, etc.). Overall Blue Flash Moonstone offers a peaceful balance within so one may become a peaceful one without.