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Opal - Yellow Essence

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Yellow Opal Liquid Gem /Vibrational Essence

Yellow Opal Properties 
The Guardian of Yellow Opal explains...
Yellow Opal is a gentle yet powerful tool for the third chakra. It allows for the intake of the yellow-ray gently providing often needed ego transforming energy in an amount that can be easily integrated.
Its energies are often viewed as a comforting rather than a bolt of power as the yellow color in the matrix of opal allows for introspection and connection to the inner. Through this, a positive manifestation of the ego can come about and Yellow Opal even helps to see how one acts in order to improve. Yellow Opal also assists in bringing forth and improving extrasensory experiences including channeling, intuition, out of body travel, etc.
Extrasensory experiences are all about transforming the one who experiences and aiding them to see the illusion or Maya. The more exposure one has to these experiences the more one can see how the whole world is actually a movie and one can create and control the way we “play” in the movie. 
So through the use of the Yellow Opal, one can expand limited vision into one more in alignment with Universal truth and higher intelligence.
One the physical, Yellow Opal soothes the nervous system and will also focus its energies on brain disorders and malfunctions. It creates a space for higher intelligence to reside within the physical frame and saturates whatever systems most need assistance in reaching this goal, be it nervous or glandular. 
Its approach is gentle but with time one can experience a better functioning and support for their high intelligence.

Liquid gems are available in several sizes including refill bottles
select from the pull down menu your desired bottle type and size

3-5 times a day 7 drops (under the tongue) or
2 sprayer squirts (under the tongue) for healing purposes
and/or 12 drops (under the tongue) or
3 sprayer squirts (under the tongue) before meditation

For Liquids & Sprays:
Give as much time as possible after intake to sit or stand
with closed eyes to feel consciously their vibration unfold

Additional Uses for all liquids and sprays:
Apply directly to pulse points
Apply to acupressure and/or chakra points
Add to massage oils
Add to oil burners
Add to an atomizer or atomizer to add to the air
Add to paint or pottery or other art elements
to infuse the vibration within