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Orange Ray / Sacral Chakra Andara Crystal Necklace
Orange Ray / Sacral Chakra Andara Crystal Necklace
Orange Ray / Sacral Chakra Andara Crystal Necklace

Orange Ray / Sacral Chakra Andara Crystal Necklace

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5th Dimensional Healing Necklace
made with authentic Monatomic Andara Crystal beads

Orange Ray / Sacral Chakra
Andara Crystal Necklace
 with 6mm Frosted Quartz
available in 17.25inch or 18.75inch


Orange Ray
Path to Self-Realization: surrender
Primary Spiritual Goal: spiritual presence, valor, soul perception
Positive Mental Attributes: discrimination, initiative, spontaneity
Positive Emotional Attributes: happiness, joy, enthusiasm
Negative Mental Attributes: confusion, disillusionment
Negative Emotional Attributes: lust, withholding/victim
Symbols: a five-pointed star
Power Animal: butterfly
Musical Note: re
Body Organs: lungs
Planet: Sun
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Material: sulfur, wood
Numbers: 5, 12, 19

Orange-ray people are spontaneous and lively. They are often the first
in a group to decide their course in any given circumstance and can
influence others with their enthusiasm. They like to meet challenges
and make good salespeople or travel agents. They are often outgoing,
but may enjoy their own world of joyful fantasy when not encouraged
by life or family. Their ability to step off into the unknown may make
them popular in some circles, however, risk-taking may not always be
their best solution. Orange-ray people can be very genuine and can also
be willful or self-absorbed if they do not learn how to relate to others.
Those who can practice discrimination and go with the flow will be
natural seers or mystics. Unlike the indigo person, their idea of
mysticism is more a form of direct knowing. Orange-ray people can be
quite amazing in their candor particularly when explaining their
purposes. To excel, they must learn the difference between their latest
idea and a well-founded decision based on the commitment that comes
from the ability to see the big picture in the light of love.

The Orange Andara Crystal color establishes a foundation for gratitude and seeing all of life through the eyes of gratitude.  It amplifies joy and happiness and helps to see without judgment.  This color restores optimism, develops self respect and increases warm heartedness.

The Orange Andara Crystal color supports creativity and stimulates true expression of the self.  It restores spontaneity and helps to connect with the Divine flow.  This color helps to release the need to plan and control opening the doors to free expression in every moment.

The Orange Andara Crystal color helps to rewrite perspectives and approaches to relationships and intimacy.  It harmonizes the inner gut and aids in gentle digestion.

The Orange Andara Crystal color resonates to the 2nd chakra and the 2nd Ray of Healing.

What you might experience when working with this
5th Dimensional Healing Necklace
made with authentic Monatomic Andara Crystal beads
Interest in Andaras has been growing as humanity’s consciousness is expanding into the 5th dimension.  They are a potent tools for profound healing, awakening and assistance in realizing our full potential within all levels and aspects of being.

Even though each person’s experience may be different -  we have listed a few things which we have  experienced to give you an idea of the direction and help they can provide.

Authentic Monatomic Andara Crystals can…
-Clear blockages
-Heal physical vehicle
-Remove pain
-Purify the aura
-Recalibrate the nervous system
-Open the heart
-Shift perception
-Increase vibration
-Enhance DNA
-Access light codes and define light language
-Access ancient wisdom/sacred knowledge/akashic
records for expansive understanding
-Rise above past and future and focus on present moment
-Ease and speed the ascension process
-Expand consciousness
-Empower the being
-Lead to live 5D while still in a 3D to 4D surrounding

Because the Andara Crystals are “first-matter” elements aka prima matra they possess some unique traits which many find at first unsettling and then come to crave.

They possess a very high atomic spin rate which translates as a high vibrational energy.  This vibrational energy can be passed onto another object, person, place or thing when used with intention.  They also mimic light photons - so they can seem to appear or disappear, in and out of existence.