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Petalite - Clear/Colorless Gem Healing Ring

Petalite - Clear/Colorless Gem Healing Ring

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Extraordinary plus plus
3.2mm - 3.7mm
5.75ct @ $9.75/ct

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

Petalite is a rare gem which comes in pink, green, yellow, grey, white and colorless.  The colorless type, which our necklaces are made of, is the most rare as it rarely occurs in gem quality.  This variety is also known as Castorite and is extremely desirable to collectors.

Here are some of the highlights of Clear (Colorless) Petalite
Prevents anxiety attacks
Heals endocrine system
Rejuvenates cells
Provides strong support for eyes, lungs and the digestive system
Balances brain physiology and prevents mental illness
Removes excessive worry or stress
Helpful for ADD, ADHD,
Regulates blood pressure
Profound healing force for strong illness such as AIDS and cancer
Protects from electro-magnetic energies

Soothing and healing for the emotional body
Removes emotional trauma
Helps in overcoming abuse/victim patterns.
Emits frequency of self-acceptance and self-love
Calming and balancing
Keeps mood swings at bay
Provides ancestral and family healing

Creates balanced state of mental consciousness
Provides extreme clarity
Magnifies sense of focus
Heightens perceptions
Promotes calm, peace and serenity
Powerful protector against bad energy, negative vibrations, even voodoo and black magic.

Assists in obtaining an ego-less state of being
Enhances one’s sense of connection to All-That-Is/Unity Consciousness
Stimulates higher perceptions.
Activator of the higher mind and chakras
Brings higher state of awareness throughout daily activities
Reactivate your connection withe higher realms
Stimulates the link to higher consciousness
Facilitates communication from Ascended Masters, Angels and other spiritual guides
Activates channels to understand and communicate light codes
Opens cosmic consciousness
Helps with spiritual purification

The Guardian of Petalite explains...
Petalite, in its colorless form, is a high frequency gem which is best used with intent and care.  It radiates such extreme purity, offering such a clear reflection, that one is best prepared to look at themselves with honesty to fully utilize the potent power this gem offers.

Petalite, in its colorless form, connects to the soul, reflecting back to the wearer their original blueprint and divine nature of being. It can serve as a wake up call as it shows what the true intention and mission of one's life that was set up prior to coming to the planet.  It totally dissolves stagnancy, jump starting one into a state of optimism and motivation to fully embrace life, their divinity and the freedom that comes with being truly authentic.

Petalite, in its colorless form, provides profound healing energy on all levels simultaneously fully embracing the concept of multi-dimensional healing and even taking it to another level.  This gem removes the influences of conditionings, patterns, programs allowing for a clean state to be instilled in the foundation of self.  It vibrations reset all fields - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual providing the dissolution of challenging circumstances, chronic conditions and seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  It;s frequency allows for the healing to transverse timelines for healing which radiates out throughout all life experiences.

Petalite, in its colorless form, supports the middle path, the state of being at one with self, exuding grace and ease while chaos may surround one.  It raises one's light quotient and love quotient and restores balance and harmony through out the chakra column.  It will also activate and open the higher chakras allowing for further expansion and supporting the path of ascension.