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Prehnite - Green Gem Healing Ring

Prehnite - Green Gem Healing Ring

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2.05ct @ $2.50/ct

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

The Guardian of Green Prehnite explains...
Green Prehnite's working is similar to its color, soft and peaceful.
The energies of this gem saturate one's body, bathing it in serenity. It has become common practice on Earth to push oneself to do things. Lists are made, goals are set and one completely ignores the natural rhythm of one's being in order to accomplish. Green Prehnite restores the awareness of one's rhythm allowing one to approach life with serenity.
The direct physical effect one can detect from wearing (using) this gem is the relief of stress.
The mind is calmed; the breathing eases and tensions are released throughout the muscles. Many of the discomforts are simply caused by the holding of stress within and once the release occurs, the discomforts are removed. Green Prehnite's relaxing effects can be felt all the way to the cellular level nourishing each cell with its energies bringing youthfulness to them. It also has soothing effects on the skin and can be used for those who tend to "break out" in rashes especially due to emotional reasons like hives and eczema.
Green Prehnite affects the emotional body. It allows one to respond rather than react. This is best explained by using the word patience. This gem builds the patience level, allowing to take all the situation in first rather than quickly taking action.
Green Prehnite is a great gem to use if one feels overwhelmed by life or one's current situation.
Green Prehnite forms a slight barrier of protection around one. Paired with the physical and emotional benefits this creates a safe haven within one's own being which is ideal for the sensitive. This gem is also very supportive of the younger ones, blanketing them in stress-free energy that may not be provided for them outside.
Green Prehnite can best be described as a vacation found in a gem.
It provides many aspects to one's being which are not easily found in the current state of daily living.
With continued use, this gem will help to cultivate these aspects within so one is constantly nourished and balanced to approach life in serenity.