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Sapphire - Pink + Tanzanite Gem Healing Ring

Sapphire - Pink + Tanzanite Gem Healing Ring

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7.30ct Tanzanite
3.95ct Sapphire

Stimulates a higher mental functioning which is based in heart centered action, removes blockages from receiving higher frequencies and integrating them, stimulates heart towards cosmic connection and expression

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured

Additional info on Tanzanite & Pink Sapphire

The Guardian of Tanzanite explains...
Tanzanite translates energies that are not of this world (earth) but are from one's original blueprint.
It creates a link to these energies to assist in evolving. This is mostly seen within the brain through numerous activations. Tanzanite targets latent areas and stimulates them. With time, this stimulation leads to expanded capabilities which mostly show through one's mental facilities.
Every being has both latent and active capabilities.
Depending on the development of these capabilities the effects correlate.
Some of the capabilities Tanzanite's energies enhance our intuition, channeling, clairvoyance, etc.
If one is already able to channel, this gem would ease and expand the process. If one never has channeled before, Tanzanite would open the door to this pathway.
Since Tanzanite focuses its energies so strongly in the brain area most feel it working when worn.
A variety of sensations come forward from tingling, buzzing, pressure and in some, it translates to headaches. These are all temporary effects which - once passed through - a new brain functioning will occur. If one experiences these side effects and it is disturbing daily life, simply use Tanzanite in limited amounts or in meditation to enjoy its benefits.
The "normal" brain functioning has had its time and for those who wish to continue to evolve and transform, an increased brain capability is the key. This gem's focus is exactly that. It has harnessed powers from beyond your known (familiar) world (in particular the healing Arcturian energies) and translates them in a manner that is easily used by one's being.

Some more info about this unique Pink Sapphire...
The following Pink Sapphire strands carry a different, high frequency than typical Pink Sapphire. They have a stronger level of candescence, high brilliance and a different color tone which brings a different caliber and higher aspect of healing.

The supreme clarity and purity of this material supersedes the traditional pink sapphire.
The vibration emitted augments and amplifies the Pink Ray of Healing.
This is the Ray of divine unconditional love, of tenderness, beauty, tolerance, patience, compassion, perseverance, softness and self-giving.
These Pink Sapphire necklaces work on the supra physical aura raising one’s vibratory rate as it heals and providing a continuous healing force especially focused on the emotional field/body.  The higher your vibration is, the more in touch you are with your higher, authentic self reducing conflicts you experience including physical dis-harmonies.  It is very suited to the development of the “new bodies“ - referred to as the crystalline bodies -  that are being formed through humanity’s transformation and path to enlightenment.
A rare find and treasure for those who are looking to accelerate their progress and emotional healing on their own personal path of transformation.
Some of the immediate and long term effects of these rings are:

maintain balanced metabolism
align blood sugar level
prevents diabetes, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia
promotes better blood circulation
aids in heart health
regulates the glans
strengthens the veins
Relieves stress and anxiety
helps to cope with all types of mental challenges
Promotes a consistent positive attitude, a lightness of being, a fresher outlook
helps to align the mind with the heart
removes unwanted or negative thoughts
improves concentration and focus
brings clarity
heals emotional wounds, traumas
brings about emotional balance and strength
cultivates acceptance, letting go and forgiveness
stengthen existing relationships and interactions with others
removes issues of rejection, lack of confidence and shyness
amplifies loving playful energy
helps overcome grief
provides psychic protection
encouraging compassion for others
helps one develop the courage to be open again to relationships
broadens sense of joy and bliss
promotes inner peace
cultivates serenity
attracts what is best for personal evolvement
amplifies gratitude
aid in telepathy, clairvoyance and astral projection
cleanse your aura
It regulates our interaction with the external world and controls what
we embrace and what we resist
The Guardian of Pink Sapphire explains...

Pink Sapphire enhances one's love aspect. Love is the key ingredient to finding peace on this plane. The love I am referring to here is not that of loving another or being "in love" with someone. It is the idea of every action done, is done with love. Everything that you do, if done with love, will bring the entire fulfillment ever needed. There will be no lack of anything because all nourishment is received by your own actions.
Pink Sapphire cultivates the love within to do this and with time experiences of frustration, anger and stress lessen and eventually disappear. The feminine nature is that of loving unconditionally. Pink Sapphire awakens this with all and enhances this aspect giving it strength to spread to all parts of life.
Because of its high frequency, Pink Sapphire also draws higher frequencies into the wearer (or user) to expand one's capability to consistently hold the love vibration.
This gem has a profound effect on women because it directly targets the very essence of their being. Many women today have chosen to be something other than what they actually are (nurturing, patient and unconditional). This has created an imbalance in the world and the ramifications of this are now coming to light. This is not to say that women should not enter into what is termed as a "man's world" but don't become a man to do it. It is a misinterpretation that femininity is soft. The feminine one can effect great change. Pink Sapphire supports and gives strength to stay true to the innate femininity whose energy is needed for the current state of Earth and humanity.
On the physical level, Pink Sapphire blankets the body with its energies. Often times the love frequencies Pink Sapphire supplies is the only healing that is needed to clear a physical issue. In particular, it can be used to target any feminine issues or discomforts.