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Sapphire - White Essence

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White Sapphire Liquid Gem /Vibrational Essence
White Sapphire Properties 
The Guardian of White Sapphire explains...
White Sapphire is a gem of great purity and strength. It mirrors the essence of our higher self, making it easier to visualize and radiate our true nature and being. It also helps to build and support the connection to this aspect making it easier in day to day life to be the better/best version of ourselves on this plane.
This gem allows one to be of rigid, very focused and undistracted intent. Now, why would you want to be of this state? It is ideal for manifesting and the most profound tool for manifestation. The energies of the higher tend to be impersonal and unidentified - not swayed by emotions or feelings - and working with this gem allows those traits to come forth for a pure outcome. Manifestations must be of the true intent and for the betterment of existence for success to occur using this tool.
Using it to manifest things without a sense of the highest good will create an intense purification within the user and most times will be experienced as sickness. So align yourself with the best intentions.
White Sapphire resonates most with the crown chakra and can assist one to be more open to the higher and its energies. The benefit of this is easier access to one “mission” on the planet and a deeper understanding of the purpose of life and your individual role in it. White Sapphire allows one to see oneself in a different light -a totally new perspective which in itself gives great insight. In addition one can more easily expand individual consciousness, deepen the meditative states and access info from the higher (higher intelligence-akashic records) one hasn’t been able to before.
The focus of White Sapphire’s energies tends to be initially more on the spiritual and mental aspects - connecting to the Universality or Oneness we all share - expanding the mind and understanding.
Through this, the emotional aspect can benefit. It is cleansed/cleared of misperceptions and wrong beliefs - highly purified to see through the illusions emotions often create.
The physical in turn benefits from the heightened states of consciousness as it is viewed more clearly as a vehicle on this plane. In the role of the vehicle, the physical tends to receive better care.
Overall White sapphire will lead the way to expanded consciousness with a manifesting nature and a more Universal approach to life (rather we than me).

Liquid gems are available in several sizes including refill bottles
select from the pull down menu your desired bottle type and size

3-5 times a day 7 drops (under the tongue) or
2 sprayer squirts (under the tongue) for healing purposes
and/or 12 drops (under the tongue) or
3 sprayer squirts (under the tongue) before meditation

For Liquids & Sprays:
Give as much time as possible after intake to sit or stand
with closed eyes to feel consciously their vibration unfold

Additional Uses for all liquids and sprays:
Apply directly to pulse points
Apply to acupressure and/or chakra points
Add to massage oils
Add to oil burners
Add to an atomizer or atomizer to add to the air
Add to paint or pottery or other art elements
to infuse the vibration within