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Shungite & Frosted Quartz Sinus Therapy Strand - Tools4transformation
Shungite & Frosted Quartz Sinus Therapy Strand
Shungite & Frosted Quartz Sinus Therapy Strand

Shungite & Frosted Quartz Sinus Therapy Strand

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Shungite & Frosted Quartz Sinus Strands

These strands are made with Therapeutic Shungite twist beads and Frosted Quartz.
The strand is approximately 13inches long
 In addition to benefiting the sinuses this tool also
--alleviates allergies
--remove stored emotions- such as anger - which is a major contributor to sinus issues.
--initiates cell rejuvenation within the brain and surrounding areas
--helps heal issues related to brain disorders such as ADD,bipolar disorder, Alzheimer's.
--removes negative thoughts and energies
--initiates increased flow in forehead and the entire head area
--activates dormant brain areas
--restores chakra flow
--enhances metaphysical abilities
--raises vibration
--expands consciousness

Lay down in a relaxed space. Place Sinus strand across forehead for 5-60 minutes - as you see fit. It is recommended to start with 5-10 minutes and build your way up to longer times as you become acquainted to the healing energies.

It is also recommend to cleanse the strand after using - placing on a purple plate

Purple plates can be found HERE