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EIP Small Purple Plates

EIP Small Purple Plates

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EIP Small Purple Plate
4.5inch x 2.75inch
$19.00 for 1 plate
$36.00 for 2 plates (reg. $38)
$50.00 for 3 plates (reg. $57)

These are the famous, original positive energy PURPLE PLATES made by EIP.
They are manufactured in Arizona and are the genuine product as invented by Ralph Bergstresser.
Purple Plates remove radiation from items. They are the perfect companion for your Therapeutic Necklaces and therapy tools to travel with.Will protect from airport x-rays.

Purple Energy Plates are the perfect cleansing tool for your therapeutic gemstone necklaces and therapeutic tools!

In the words of the Gemstone Guardian Spirit of Amethyst...
The Purple Plates remove any disharmonious energies which have gathered on the Therapeutic Gemstone Necklaces & tools through use and optimizes their ability to utilize the full capacity of their power. It is an easy way to revitalize the Therapeutic Gemstone Necklaces & tools without having to consider the individual gemstone's sun sensitivity, etc.