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Tourmaline - Pink Gem Healing Ring
Tourmaline - Pink Gem Healing Ring

Tourmaline - Pink Gem Healing Ring

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shade - medium to full pink

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

Pink Tourmaline

The Guardian of Pink Tourmaline explains...

Pink Tourmaline is a gem containing the feminine vibration. When worn (or used) it offers a renewing of one's feminine within (men) or a refreshing of one's feminine output (women). 

   The role of the feminine vibration has been greatly distorted on planet Earth due to the fact that it is mainly based on unconscious love.  Pink Tourmaline assists in restoring this vibration within one's being so it will in turn be restored consciously on the planet.

     Due to the distortion of the feminine vibration, many women experience difficulties with their natural feminine nature.  These difficulties are most commonly seen on the emotional and physical levels.

     On the emotional level women question their role and allow the treatment of the feminine vibration on Earth to show the answer.  This leads to a grave misinterpretation and women concede that their power and worth are below their actual standing (self-worth issues and victim-consciousness).  Pink Tourmaline can assist one to experience the feminine vibration first hand and inspire it to come forth in its pure form via one's own feminine spirit.  This process originally based in the emotions can also enhance one's spiritual experience by freeing the feminine spirit within, bringing one closer to one's true being.

     On a physical level Pink Tourmaline offers healing energies to the sexual organs.  The distorted view of the feminine vibration has directly affected the entire internal feminine cycle and has thrown it off course within many.

    This has manifested mainly in 4 ways.

  1. The monthly women's cycle has turned from a joyous ritual of vitality to an inconvenient pain.
  2. The birthing process has gone from a peaceful introduction into Earth life to an instant separation and fear laden event.
  3. The evolutional process of one's organs from birthing life to birthing knowledge/wisdom has been halted completely (through the removal of one's key organ - hysterectomy).
  4. The most prominent physical attribute of femininity, the breast, has become saturated with disease.

  Pink Tourmaline can be used to effect all these situations.  It restores a balance within the sexual organs to experience the natural flow and ease of how things were designed.

    It is a gem that can assist one with any discomfort surrounding one's monthly cycle.  It can connect one to the natural way of birthing and restore a joyous experience of it.

    It can supply the needed aspects of maintaining the feminine organs, healing abnormalities and cancer or encourage the natural fertile nature one possesses.

      Pink Tourmaline is found in a range from light to dark pink.  All support the feminine spirit/vibration but based on color choice, aspects of this gem can be stronger or weaker.  The colors can be related to the life of a woman to understand the working.

     Light Pink is great for the young or young at heart It transfers a sweet loving energy which warms the heart (like a child) and brings this warmth out in women.

     Medium Pink can be related to a blossoming woman.  Great for enhancing fertility and providing nourishment to the organs.

     Dark (deep) Pink is the woman.  It offers the strongest effect of the feminine vibration plus all aspects of Pink Tourmaline.  It is also great for menopause as it's "mature" color relates well to the "mature" woman.

     (There are variations between these colors and the above was provided to give a general idea of the aspects each shade gives)

     Pink Tourmaline, just as a mother has for its child, possesses a protective nature.  This protective nature can be felt/ experienced as a field around one's body.  This field can be of great assistance against unnatural inputs such as negative thought forms, artificial lighting, electronics, etc.  The medium to dark shades of Pink Tourmaline offer this aspect the best and in general the deeper the shade the stronger the protection.

     Pink Tourmaline is also a gem for men. Not only are the protection aspects beneficial but it creates the balance for the male aspect.  Everyone has both feminine and masculine attributes.  Depending on which sex one plays in this life, these attributes are either within or visible/without.  If one is in harmony with both aspects, relations of all kinds are easy and harmonious.  Pink Tourmaline offers an easy way for men to balance their feminine aspect.

     Pink Tourmaline allows for men to get a better understanding of the feminine vibration as a whole.  This understanding can affect the consciousness of all men and starts to correct the perception of the feminine vibration. Aligned and stronger men will emerge with the use of this gem that will be willing to develop and experience equality with women.

 Pink Tourmaline is an important gem for the well being of the feminine vibration found not only in oneself but all over the planet.