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Collection: Lapis Lazuli Therapeutic Necklaces

All Natural - NO Dye!
Rare find as most of the Lapis in the market is enhanced

Some of the benefits of Lapis
-Brings clarity and focus
-improves communication and to speak openly
-opens the door for self discovery
-increases intuition/psychic abilities
-great for dreamwork
-boosts immune system
-improves respiratory system
-helps with insomnia

The Guardian of Lapis explains...

Lapis is a gem of inspiration.  It inspires one to seek their full potential and shows the path to do so.  The key to unleashing one's full potential is to merge as one with the inner self.  The inner self is the perfect partnership of heart and mind working in unison.  Lapis promotes this partnership and strengthens the connection with the inner self.

     The inner self is limitless and as the individual becomes one with the inner the realization occurs that anything is possible.  This provides the motivation and action needed to manifest the desires to reality.  Lapis provides the stimulus for this cycle.

     On the physical level Lapis affects the skeletal system providing nourishment.  It also expands the thymus and can be used in the treatment of thyroid issues.
     Lapis is best used in the development of the third eye and dream work.  This gem is able to enhance the memory recall of dreams giving another avenue to explore in understanding the inner self.

     When used in meditation Lapis can help to unlock the doors of understanding life.  It allows one to connect to the universal knowledge giving insight on how to bring forth one's inner self in everyday living.  The visions and experiences Lapis creates when wearing (or using) is often entertaining but through this one comes to realize that all answers lie within and all actions can be accomplished through the partnership of heart and mind which makes up the inner self.

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