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Carnelian Gem Healing Ring

Carnelian Gem Healing Ring

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Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

The Guardian of Carnelian explains...
Carnelian is the gem that carries the Orange Ray and therefore translates the Orange Ray and its energies to the body in its purest form. This gem easily restores vitality to the being and fuels one's creative juices to flow. Its energies tend to gravitate to and circulate through the blood spreading its warming, energizing effects throughout.
Carnelian promotes feeling alive and full of energy. It restores optimism and strengthens the belief that one is vital and can invoke change. This gem simply removes negativity, one of the strongest disruptive energies within the body and directs the focus on the positive within and without.
Because of its effects, Carnelian has many benefits for the wearer (or user). It can be used as an aid in depression or to overcome grief. It can be used in times of new beginnings such as a new project, job or even lifestyle, to strengthen one's resolve and motivation to "just do it". And/or it can be used to augment one's current experience of life, enhancing its richness and fullness.
On a physical level, Carnelian is great for circulation and tissues. Because of this combination, it has a strong positive influence on the organs, in particular, the stomach, kidneys, gallbladder, spleen and sexual organs. It can be used to treat kidney stones and gall stones.
The positivity Carnelian promotes has additional effects on all the aspects of the being.
It brings clarity to the mind allowing one to be clear in expression and communication and supporting continued positivity. On the emotional level, it clears out the created negative emotions accentuating a connection to the inner heart-based essence.
So, through wearing (or using) Carnelian, one can experience an all-around positive boost to the being.