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EMF Protection 6-9mm 36ct RutQ 26inch
EMF Protection 6-9mm 36ct RutQ 26inch

EMF Protection 6-9mm 36ct RutQ 26inch

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EMF Protection Necklace 

36ct Infused Rutilated Quartz
6mm Shungite, Pyrite & Frosted Quartz
26inch with no lock - fits over head

The elements for this necklace are hand selected for their balance and harmony with one another.The elements are them weighed and priced according to their weight.The quality of each necklace is the same, just the element weights vary.

In the description above the amount of Infused Rutilated Quartz will be listed along with the size of the Shungite and Frosted Quartz (either 6mm or 8mm).

All Pyrite used is 6mm - regardless of other gem sizes.


As technology advances there seems to be a greater need to protect ourselves for the frequencies which are being emitted. This design has great potency, resilient protection, amplified healing and additional effects for DNA repair, restoration of one's vitality and shielding of other forms of radiation.
Just as we know it takes a combination of things to maintain good health - so we decided to approach our EMF Protection Therapeutic Design Necklace. We have selected a combination of gems known for their naturally occurring properties of EMF Protection and combined them with Rutilated Quartz enhanced with a proprietary infusion of neutralizing effects of EMF.
This EMF Protection Necklace can bring greater ease and comfort of mind through your day to day life - regardless of what you are exposed to - knowing you are traveling with a potent tool to keep you protected at all times.

The Necklace elements and how they work.
We have first hand selected Therapeutic Rutilated quartz beads to infuse with our proprietary blend of neutralizing energies. Rutilated quartz offers a low range of protection from EMF and with our infusion it creates a neutralizing effect of the incoming EMF frequencies as it creates a healing force for any EMF damage - repairing any damage which might already exist.
Our process to infuse the Rutilated Quartz is exclusive to us and has been proven as a potent neutralizing force. The infusion will last indefinitely offering its harmonizing energies, regardless of exposure to the elements, over time.
We have combined our Infused Rutilated Quartz with Pyrite and Shungite. Both of these gems are known for creating a shield from EMF Frequencies and make the perfect companions to our infused Rutilated Quartz. The three gems are then combined with the harmonizing force of Frosted Quartz which has been specially programmed to create an easy assimilated shield to form and to harmonize the shield with its wearer/user. The Quartz has also been programmed to amplify over time the effects of the gem combination and the infusion for a continued and personalized force of protection.
The difference between our offered EMF necklaces and other protective tools is that a simultaneous healing energy is being released into the user's body while being protected. It also has the additional effects of DNA repair, restoration and revitalization of one's vitality and an immune system boost. The shielding will protect from the newest forms of EMF and radiation which is not commonly known as being detrimental to health.

It is suggested to keep your EMF Necklace clean and fully charged.

To do this simply place on purple plate overnight

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