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Coral - White + Rhodochrosite + Ruby Gem Healing Ring

Coral - White + Rhodochrosite + Ruby Gem Healing Ring

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5.75ct Coral
2.50ct Rhodochrosite
0.70ct Ruby
Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured

Tools4transformation has long maintained a deep commitment to the
earth and the environment. Our White Coral was harvested in harmony
with the ocean using only ethically and legally sourced options.
To do otherwise, we believe, would render it non therapeutic and is not
what Tools4transformation stands for.


The white coral used to make this necklace is vintage from the 1980's.

Some of the benefits of White Coral
- balances and aligns the being
-helps to calm and soothe
-relieves panic and anxiety
-shields against negativity
-overcomes destructive thoughts and tendencies
-releases fears
-improves confidence
-improves communication skills
-aids in bonding with others and strengthens relationships
-heightens natural rejuvenation and healing
-boosts immune system
-improves metabolism

The Guardian of White Coral explains...
White Coral offers a boost to the overall being due to its protective nature. It blankets one in a soft white coat maintaining an unaffected inner state. Due to this it is an ideal gem for young ones. It facilitates an easy transition from womb to outer world and it’s protective “coat” nourishes. It can be continued to be used to maintain an unaffected inner state in children. Much of the world houses disharmonious energies which penetrate the beings of the young ones due to their openness. White Coral protects from these outside forces.
On a physical level White Coral strengthens the teeth and bones and can easily be used in the treatment of any issues with these (such as osteoporosis). It also activates tissue regeneration and has a youthening effect. White Coral could easily be worn throughout one’s life to ease the transitions of time and receive them with grace.
Mentally it leads one to a meditative state bringing simplicity to thoughts. Emotionally it invokes an inner peace and calm allowing one not to be overrun by the emotions. Physically it is soothing throughout, creating a multidimensional experience of serenity. This serenity envelopes one and uncovers the perfect environment for the true essence to flourish. It is an ideal gem to wear when one has removed the "mask" of the outer persona to reveal the inner true being for the world to see.

Some highlights of the benefits of Rhodochrosite...
helps to stabilize blood pressure
can help with migraines and chronic headaches
balances thyroid issues
neutralizes inflammation
eases nervous system imbalances
soothes skin irritation
removes negative thinking cycles
eases stress and anxiety
uplifts removing depression
restores spontaneity and playfulness
improves self worth and confidence
supports creativity
helps to face emotional imbalances
promotes self forgiveness
erases self sabotaging practices
excellant support for inner child work
amplifies compassion
helps attune to higher self
strongly links to divine feminine
opens to universal love force
gives insight into soul contracts

Some info that recently came through from the Guardian of Rhodochrosite...
Rhodochrosite is another one of those gems which has been newly activated and
align so that we may all heal emotionally to move forward with less effort into the
5th dimension.  Rhodochrosite works in the emotional aspect or field.  Many
consider it a strong gem which originates from what it does but it actually is a true
ally for clearing the emotional.  

Rhodochrosite works on the denied aspects of ourselves - the
parts we avoid to look at - the things that make us most stuck because we don't
really want to face them as we know deep down change is needed.  It takes
courage and a will to want to change to use this gem because it does not allow for
sugar coating to exist.  Many say they want to change yet they continue to do the
same things and expect different results.  Rhodochrosite doesn't really allow the
space to do this - it just gets in there and starts to work.  This working makes one
instantly feel different, which in turn places the user in a state that is different and
therefore it gets the reference "strong".

Rhodochrosite brings forth the sweetness of love - soothing the wounds as hurt is
brought to the surface for release. It is an awesome support for those who are
dedicated to their personal transformation path and want to really remove layers
of hindering energies built up through this lifetime and others. It is also beneficial to
those who do earth work or are way-showers - to bring in this emotional clearing
energy to wipe away the drama, superficial-ness and lack of authenticity.  It sets
the groundwork for the authentic self and higher mind to radiate forth -
manifesting our Divinity.

The Guardian of Rhodochrosite explains...

Rhodochrosite is a gem for those who want to respond to life's situations rather than react. It raises the user’s vibration to a higher level bringing one more in alignment with the true essence (higher self) while assisting to maintain this level. Through this, the emotional patterns being not of a higher vibration break up. Rhodochrosite not only initiates but does clearing of the emotional aspect.

For many, the emotional body is a place to shove the things that have been denied or avoided. This "storage" creates an automated response (pattern) for dealing with situations. This is often not in alignment with one's true essence (higher self). This gem simply clears out the storage and the "memory" or typical reaction is no longer available to access. Because of this clearing of the emotional aspect, several people experience Rhodochrosite as a strong gem.

Prior to the influence of this gem, one could easily react - just grabbing the "memory" from the emotional memory bank. In using Rhodochrosite one must experience each situation as new and "figure out" how to act. Some find this disturbing since it involves change and demands flexibility. In reality, though - it is the natural way of being. Society has programmed many to "be safe" and to have a plan of action. This has been adapted to the emotional aspect and a programmed response has been created for a variety of situations. The actual joy and freedom that comes with spontaneity have been stripped away, lessening one's full experience of life.

Rhodochrosite works strongly on the emotional aspect which creates secondary effects on the physical. An increase in energy is experienced since one isn't tied down to a certain way of being. A soothing of the skin occurs since emotional reactions tend to show themselves on the skin (such as breakouts). A balancing of the digestive system especially the stomach occurs because the denial of one’s emotions often creates an upset stomach. Some lose weight through the clearing/removal of the stuck holding emotional patterns.

The physical effects can be numerous depending on how the emotional memory has translated and down stepped into the body. Rhodochrosite restores one's natural emotional spontaneity. It allows one to fully experience each situation as new, giving the freedom to respond in any direction one feels in the moment.

This freedom opens the door to a whole new way of living, full of energy, fresh and exuberant. The game of life becomes fun again since it turns into an adventure instead of a programmed outcome.

The Guardian of Ruby explains...

Ruby gives one strength and courage in times of need. This is its natural tendency since it is the carrier of the first, the Red Ray (leadership, power, strength, and courage). 
There are many ways to utilize the traits of strength and courage (to be daring, to seek power, etc.) but Ruby cultivates these traits through the way of the heart. It gives one the strength and courage to be the true essence (self) within which can only be accomplished by living life through the heart. Ruby has been and still is a symbol of love (unconditional).

In wearing (or using) Ruby one is able to experience and enhance unconditional love not only within but without. Many on Planet Earth have a limited idea of love and it is often expressed in relationships. Manipulation is used to get what one wants and often "love" is the playing piece. Ruby begins to restore the original intent of love - unconditional by clearing and cleaning the disharmonies. 

On a physical level, Ruby has a great effect since much disease and illness are related to emotional origins. Ruby targets the heart, nourishing and strengthening its function. Ruby also fortifies the blood by clearing out toxins which in turn improves one's overall physical power. It can be used to regulate blood pressure, as a preventative of heart disease and attacks or to hasten recovery of these.

Ruby is an ideal gem for those who are already or are considering being parents (caretakers). It is crucial for a child to be surrounded by a healthy (emotional) environment in order to avoid forming patterns that limit the being. If the parents (caretakers) constantly hold the state of unconditional love, the child is assured to be happy and healthy.

Ruby is not limited though to just parents. Anyone who maintains the state of unconditional love has an easier time navigating life. If everything is looked at through the eyes of love, no stress is created, no anxieties formed, no fears experienced. It sounds idealistic but that is what was originally intended. The living of life was not to be of pain and suffering. It was created to give contrast to inspire one to stay in the heart. 
Unfortunately many haven't viewed it as a contrast and have taken it on as its own. Ruby will help to correct this misconception and open the way to a newer way of living while supplying the strength and courage to do so.