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Kyanite - Green Gem Healing Ring

Kyanite - Green Gem Healing Ring

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Extraordinary plus plus
4,2mm - 6mm
10.80ct @ $6.25/ct

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

Kyanite consists of multiple layers of very thin, flat crystal blades that resemble the pages of a book or the blades of a fan.  It is difficult to find therapeutic qualities as it tends to be more opaque and due to its natural shape it can be challenging to make beads. So in general all Kyanite is rare.

Green Kyanite is considered the rarest of the colors of Kyanite next to Orange.

Some of the highlights of the benefits of Orange Kyanite...
gentle immune system support
nervous system healing
restoration or cells
balances energy to initiate self healing
opens doorways for deeper nature connection

removes stress and stress creators within mindset
relieves panic attacks, paranoia
dispels anger and fears
helps to ascertain truth in all areas
encourages compassion
merges heart with mind to function through higher mind

amplifies self love
deepens relationships
soothes emotional upsets
removes grief
helps overcome negative self talk
strengthens emotional body/field
stimulates forgiveness and understanding
helps release hindering feelings & sorrow

love quotient builder
attracts abundance
aligns with soul purpose / mission
heart chakra expansion
aids in connecting with Mother Earth, Nature Spirits & Devas
Enhances higher heart connection

The Guardian of Green Kyanite explains...

Green Kyanite is a gem which focuses on the heart, heart chakra and surrounding area - the center of the being.  It helps to connect with our one true guide - the heart - as we move through our journey of life.  Through the connection of the heart we can radiate out and connect with the world around us and the earth itself with greater ease filled with Oneness.

Green Kyanite provides a soothing, supportive energy which helps to just go with the flow of your energy and that of the universe.  Stress, anxiety, panic, fears fall to the background or are released with continued use, as new levels of connected-ness are reached.  It restores the innocence and open-ness so greatly needed to anchor higher frequencies and new ways of being.  It formulates a strong foundation for heart based or heart centered living.

Green Kyanite strengthens relationships - not just with others but within ourselves.  Each of us has a masculine and feminine aspect which often struggles to find its balance.  Green Kyanite harmonizes all the aspects within providing support for new levels of peace, acceptance, and compassion.

Green Kyanite helps to harmonize all the bodies and systems to gently reach new levels of well being.  It gives an overall support to the immune system and can help ease physical discomforts especially those brought on by cleanses, fasts or even injuries and accidents.

Green Kyanite also brings an unique energy to the nervous system as a whole, helping those who find challenges in coping with the outside, the world , the times we are in or being on the planet. It bridges the gaps between currently reality and perceived future allowing for greater acceptance and releasing resistance.

Green Kyanite provides protection and creates a feeling of safety allowing one to really be and stay open to all.  It restores the sense of trust and knowing we were born with and cultivates new levels of unconditional love.