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Morganite + Sapphire - Pink Gem Healing Ring

Morganite + Sapphire - Pink Gem Healing Ring

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14.75ct Morganite
1.70ct Pink Sapphire

very nurturing to the being, heals wounds of unworthiness, cultivates more love, new appreciation of the self, renews optimism, preventative for heart disease/breast cancer / feminine issues, allows one to radiate true self

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured


More info on Morganite & Pink Sapphire

The Guardian of Pink Morganite explains...
Morganite is a high-frequency gem whose purpose is to show the path of love in action.
Love is a very misinterpreted word on planet Earth. In order to express the love this gemstone works with, it is best to use the phrase "unconditional love". This gem connects one to the source of unconditional love and allows the wearer (or user) to experience this emotion in its purest form. Morganite creates a bridge for the unconditional love frequency enabling this frequency to enter into one's physical being.
The direct path that the majority of beings once had on this planet to this frequency has long been blocked by simple misuse of power (ego). Morganite recreates this bond with this frequency allowing one to live life as it was designed - through the heart. After sharing this explanation, the (Gemstone) Guardian Spirit of Morganite asked me (Sia) "Where do you see unconditional love?" I thought of the image of a mother and child in my mind's eye.
The Guardian Spirit of Morganite then showed how even this did not show the true essence of the unconditional love frequency anymore. The vision expanded out to encompass all of planet Earth showing only here and there a few lights depicting beings holding this frequency in their hearts.
This vision gave a clear picture of the current state of planet Earth and it's relation to love.
Morganite seems to be really needed for most of humanity.

The Guardian of Pink Sapphire explains...
Pink Sapphire enhances one's love aspect. Love is the key ingredient to finding peace on this plane. The love I am referring to here is not that of loving another or being "in love" with someone.
It is the idea of every action done, is done with love. Everything that you do, if done with love, will bring the entire fulfillment ever needed. There will be no lack of anything because all nourishment is received by your own actions. 
Pink Sapphire cultivates the love within to do this and with time experiences of frustration, anger and stress lessen and eventually disappear. The feminine nature is that of loving unconditionally. Pink Sapphire awakens this with all and enhances this aspect giving it strength to spread to all parts of life.
Because of its high frequency, Pink Sapphire also draws higher frequencies into the wearer (or user) to expand one's capability to consistently hold the love vibration.
This gem has a profound effect on women because it directly targets the very essence of their being. Many women today have chosen to be something other than what they actually are (nurturing, patient and unconditional). This has created an imbalance in the world and the ramifications of this are now coming to light. This is not to say that women should not enter into what is termed as a "man's world" but don't become a man to do it. It is a misinterpretation that femininity is soft. The feminine one can effect great change. Pink Sapphire supports and gives strength to stay true to the innate femininity whose energy is needed for the current state of Earth and humanity.
On the physical level, Pink Sapphire blankets the body with its energies. Often times the love frequencies Pink Sapphire supplies is the only healing that is needed to clear a physical issue. In particular, it can be used to target any feminine issues or discomforts.